Thursday, May 05, 2005

Workout Update

I was a bit sore yesterday, so I pushed it and went to the gym again. By the time I got home my left leg felt leg it wanted to cramp any minute. Fortunately I have a big strong manly man of a husband who took that itty bitty leg and pushed it and pulled it and beat it and rubbed it til I thought, "oh. my. goodness. I won't be able to walk tomorrow." But you know, it felt so much better afterwards. Today it feels like it wants to cramp again but superman is nowhere to be found. *sigh*


I had carrot soup for lunch.
I had a chocolate muffin for dessert.


So, I didn't feel working yesterday (all week, actually) and today it's kicking my butt!


WIP said...

Good for you; workout for me and my tired self too. I won't even mess up your comment section telling you about all the crappy food that I've allowed m'self to eat in the past two days. I blame my cycle for it though. If only I could have the extra pounds leave when it does...

Anonymous said...

how's the old body feeling today?
hope today at work is good for you and me too. yesterday sucked. but of course it will be, cause it's Friday!