Sunday, May 01, 2005

So Much To Say...So Unlike Me


  • Get toned by May 13 (I have a Pathfinder uniform to fit into, plus Memorial Day weekend is coming up which means our usual family / church trip to Orlando and Wet 'n Wild)

  • Meet with the Communication Dept. to put together mission and vision statements

  • Get better. My throat was killing me last night.

My list isn't long, I know. There's just so much I can't even remember what I'm supposed to have on it. Gotta start somewhere though.

Men, don't feel guilty about skipping this section on lip gloss. Women, I need some help here...
Kind of like how Princess Dominique in search of the perfect shoe, I'm in search of the perfect lip gloss. I've been looking for years the perfect subtle shade with sparkle and smoothness and non-stickiness. If I had a camera I'd take a pic of my lips with yet another one I bought. The latest one is Cover Girl's wet slick crystal in chocofix and smells really good - like chocolate. If you have any suggestions on what glosses work for you I'd love to read them. Btw, I just tried it and it's perfect! Thanks to my sister, T for putting me on to it. (She has candy.)

Despite how materialistic I'll sound I've got to tell you a few other things I'm in search of:

  • the perfect pair of sunglasses - K and I went to Germany two years ago and bought three pairs of sunglasses at one time! Yes, I have an affinity for nice sunglasses. My favorites right now are my DKNY's. I had some 'superstar' sunglasses once but the screw fell out. When I say 'superstar' I think of a woman driving in a red convertible with a head scarf and big sunglasses. Ahh, that will be me...except I'll be on a motorcycle minus the head scarf but wearing the perfect lip gloss. Anyway, back to reality, my superstar sunglasses had big, but not too big, blue lenses. My husband won't let me get sunglasses if the lenses are too big. Don't know why he doesn't like them as much I do.

  • the perfect watch - There was a Movado Macy's special on sale two Christmases ago. With the discount it came up to $1200. I wanted it badly. K said no. What I wear right now: a "gold-faced" Disney Mickey Mouse watch with brown leather band that I got during a gift exchange at work last Christmas. You may laugh, but that watch is one of my favorites.

  • the perfect car - There is none other like a BMW, the ultimate driving machine. I had a 740i once. It's time for me to have another one. Again, K says no. What is up with him?? I would settle for an Audi A6 if I had to.

  • the perfect hair products - Something to stop my hair from drying and breaking, but not make it heavy and sticky.

  • the perfect manicure - If I had perfect fingers and nails this would easy. I don't have time and money to spend getting my nails done professionally.

  • the perfect massage - Ok, any massage will do. K says I can pay someone if I want, but he hasn't anted up the money. At least he said yes.

Oh, how could I forget to tell you that I bought my first hat! I absolutely love it. I call it my superstar hat. It's wide-rimmed, red, and you can see through it. I really need a digital camera! I imagine now I need an outfit to go with the hat. I can't wear the hat by itself! (he he)


Jin said...

I am still on the search for the perfect sunglasses - nothing ever looks right on me - why is that?!

princessdominique said...

I may not be able to help you with the lip gloss but sunglasses--oooowee! I got a pair of Ralph Lauren shades and they look nice but they don't have enough curve behind the ear, they slide down every so often and I hate that. However, I do have 3 pair of Gucci shades on order. I don't have a fascination with shades, just Gucci. They've been on backorder for months. They are the large oval wrap sunglasses, they're on order in a deep red, brown and black. Last check it said expected ship date unavailable. They have that round Jackie O look and would probably look fabulous. I just hope that by the time I get them summer isn't over.

WIP said...

M'kay...lemme see if I can recall all of your "must haves"...

I'm a big ole MAC Lipglass fan. They have a host of yummy colors you could try. I too go for the natural/nude/shimmery look. The everybody's-got-Chestnut-liner is what makes each color appear different.

Right now I'm doning last year's pair of birthday shades from my girlfriend. They are Brighton and I absolutely love the silver arms. I get tons of compliments on them. The frame itself is a mixture of green and brown. Hard to explain, but I may have a shot of me wearing them in my Fotki album. My backup shades came from Saks 5th a few years ago before Burberry was all the teeny bopper rage. The arms have the infamous plaid and they are gold-trimmed and rimless bottom glasses.

I'm with you on the 'vert and the scarf thing. My ultimate is the 500 series hard-top Benz convertible. But I digress. My hubby is the Beamer seven series guy.

See, now I can't think of what else you are in search of. Off to read again. Then repost.

Oh! Try to go to the link on my blog- "Nappturality." There you will find tons of product info for natural hair. I tell you and everybody else that NP is where all us natural heads got our start. I've been a member for about four years now. You don't have to be a member to glean from the info though. I know you wear your hair natural *yay* and I also know Florida, this heat and the upcoming summer months is heck on the hair. And Wet-n-Wild eh? I may have to give you my number, if you like.

ShellyP said...

@jin - We will find the perfect sunglasses!

@princess - 3 pairs of Gucci on order?! Girl, I wish I had it like that!

@tiff - You know I added that family trip reference just for you! My email is I've heard good things about MAC Lipglass. On the site they have, like, 15 million colors to choose from. I'll have to check them out. Btw, I just signed up with Nappturality. I've been there before but forgot all about it.

Thanks everyone!

notyouraverage.... said...

"You can do eeet!" (for some reason, i love that movie.) anyhow, go hard core this week. exercise everyday - cardio every day, and alternate upper/lower body day to day. to reduce soreness, do lot's of stretching at the end of each workout.

i'm not a fan of lipsticks, always looks to fake on me, so i too am usually looking for a lipgloss that looks 'natural'. i came across "Labello's" CareGloss & Shine. it doesn't really have a colour name. it's a brownish/pink tube (Nart#:85121). it's not really sparkly, just a slight sheen and non-sticky. just has a hint of brown colour. i've tried lipglass, the chocolate colour, but it was too dark for me - but has great shine!

sunglasses - i can neve find one's that look good on me. i gotta go shopping with my sister, so she can find a pair i look good in.

i'd love to wear hats, but alas, they don't work with my hair! maybe when it gets longer (ya right!), and i can pull it into a tight bun.

WIP said...

I'm glad I was able to send your memory into drive again (ha ha). All I could think of though, when you said that you saw the "15 million" color choices on the MAC site, was the story about the days with you and Purfiktgurl and the convienent store choice issues, LOL! What to choose; what to choose? I know you'll find something.

I'm going to put your email in my addy book right now *smile*. But how did you figure I'd come back to this comment section? Am I, like that predictable? It's all good...the world needs more of us *Holds head up proudly*.

WIP said...

Hey, I noticed that you had already come by my house (blog that is) and left me a note; I wanted to tell you that I was out...visitin' other blogs (as usual) and ran across something noteworthy enough to add an unrelated thought to my recent post. All I gotta say is go back and see. I was reading a bit of it and kind of question its authenticity, but let me know what you think.