Monday, April 06, 2009

It was a long week

Busy is good, I suppose. We spent most of the week getting footage to put into a promo video for Sid's school. It took a lot more out of us than I initially thought, but then again, isn't that how most things are. You never realize the true scope until it's too late to back out. lol The good thing is, after going to bed at 5:45 am on Saturday morning and then waking at 7:00 am, the video came out ok after all and by 10:30 am of the same day the viewing at the Education Day Rally was over. The Director admitted to crying and the others who I spoke to said they liked it. That made it worth it. Plus, it was good experience. I even got to the voiceover! :D

One day this week we hope to make it to the beach for the sunrise. (Yeah, right!) No, for real - we will. Tomorrow. If the pix come out good then I'll post a couple. The purpose it not to catch the sunrise itself but experiment with taking pix in that light. The sun rises relatively fast so the window of opportunity is short which adds to the excitement of trying to get good pix. We'll see how it goes.