Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm Destined To Be A Superstar Diva

At least in my own mind!

I got a digital camera this evening. It was a great deal. Kinda makes up for the parking ticket I got this front of my own house.... Anyway, most days I check for the latest technology deals. is another good one if you're looking for a computer. One of today's deals was a Canon Powershot A400 WITH an iP3000 printer for $149.99. Ok, you might say that's an alright price. However, the rebate is for $70. That means I get an inexspensive point and click camera (just what I wanted basically) and a photo printer (which I know I won't use) all for under $100!

The ticket was stupidity on my part. I'm usually quite anal about following the rules of the road but this one time I couldn't be bothered and I got 'caught'. All I did was park parallel to my house. The problem is that I had all four tires on the pavement. I live at the end of a cul-de-sac and I was trying to get as close to the grass as possible without knocking over my and mailbox. 6 am bright and early this morning K is leaving take Jr to school when he sees Mr. Policeman writing up something. He goes over, they have a little chat, all seems good until the officer said that if K had come out just a couple of minutes sooner then he wouldn't have written the ticket. Instead he would have just told him to move the car. But, alas, the difference a minute makes. He already started writing the ticket and I guess there's some rule about finishing what you started. I don't know. What I do know is that it's going to cost me $27.50. Dang it, that means I have to return my hat!

Speaking of which....

Here's me and my hat! Never mind that I'm in the house. Notice the DKNYs and the oh so subtle lip gloss!


WIP said...

May I have your autograph please? And don't go charging me $27.50 for it; I know what you'll use it for, ha ha. The hat looks good on you. Yay...on the camera find. I must get you the site to give you some other info on the Canon. I too have a Canon (A75) and this site offers ratings, pros and cons of the equipment that other owners of said camera have noticed (Why has the word I'm looking for escaped me?). N-E-Wayz... Take lots of pics and post post post for your fans *wink*.

Anonymous said...

no, a "Superstar DIVA!". lol.
looks great - too bad it has to be sacrificed for the ticket.

so if you parked with 2 wheels on the grass, you'd have been okay?

Don Tate II said...

Hahahaha! You look fantastic! Lip gloss, hat, hair and all! I'm feelin ya. Very nice. You like that, a brotha exposin his feelings and stuff.

ShellyP said...

That's what I'm talkin' about right there, D! Relax, relate, release...!

Jin said...

What a great hat! You look fab. :)