Friday, March 30, 2007

Nobody likes a wet blanket so I'll try to keep this post at least somewhat upbeat.

Had my appraisal at work this week. Got a "meets expectations" mark. Fine, whatever. I didn't go above and beyond last year so I can't very well expect to get "exceeds expectations." The one surprise was a coworker rolling me under the bus without giving me fair warning first. At least if he spoke to me first I would have defended my position and my review may not even have been affected. Now, instead of having a discussion with a peer I have to state my case to my superior.

(Not doing a good job so far of not being a wet blanket, huh?)

Some really good news is that I have a sort of landline at my house again and I can call Canada for free! (I say "sort of" because it uses the internet to make the calls.) Hubby hooked it up Wed night and my first call was to my cousin who just got out of the hospital after having had minor surgery. I made the call after 11 pm and was surprised when she answered. The talking didn't stop until after hubby said to himself "forget this" and left me and went upstairs to bed.

(That was a bit better, wasn't it?)

I still have the sniffles and Shelby still has her ear infection, but it seems like we're both getting better; her faster than me.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Re: SP

I must apologize to SP for saying she never met Shelby. It must have been so long ago that I forgot!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Haven't Been Neglecting My Blog

Ok, maybe I have, just a little. Things have been crazy. Yes, I know that's everyone's excuse but for me it's true! :) Since my last post I've been scared about things, angry and upset about things, anxious about things, and happy about some things. After this Friday I'll either be crying or heaving a great sigh of relief....

Anywho, at work I haven't had much of a break to do anything. I was moved to a new project so I've been trying to get my mind around it so that I can actually be productive asap.

At home my laptop is still dead. Also, I've been sick with my yearly upper respiratory infection. I started taking vitamins and extra vitamin C and they have helped tremendously. I really don't want to take the prescribed antibiotics (one of my co-workers convinced me to go to the doctors). Shelby and Sidney are sick too, and I took them to the pediatrician. Shelb is the one I'm concerned about because it's been a couple of days and her cough doesn't seem to be getting any better. I'm supposed to bring her back next week Wed or so for a checkup but I may take her Monday instead if over the weekend she still doesn't improve.

Online I was introduced to yesterday by nyabg. I like it. I like the fact that once you add friends you get their newsfeeds. Very cool. Also, while I seemingly threw my blog to the side I have been trying to keep Sidney's and Shelby's blogs updated with pictures.

Businesswise we (hubby and I) got our first real (read: paid) wedding video gig. It'll be fun. It's scheduled for the end of April. Hopefully all will go well and we'll get referrals.

SP still hasn't met Shelb in person. Since she met her man she has been completely MIA!

On TV I've been watching ANTM but I'm not impressed this year. I love Brittany's pictures. I can't stand Renee. Jael needs speech lessons. The other girls haven't made much of an impression I guess cause I can't even think of their names right now. As for American Idol, the girls blow the boys away every time. There are a couple of guys I like but still they don't compare. (Btw, I was SO SO glad when Antonella got the boot. She just didn't get it.) My favorites are Melinda, Lakisha, Jordan, in that order. Melinda's performances are amazing. Granted, I didn't watch this week's episode yet but I'm sure she brought it like she always does. That girl is nothing short of amazing. Makes me want to run around the house singing...but I know better. hehe. It's funny enough watching me stomp around after an episode of ANTM.

A note about shoes: How could I forget to mention that the sandals I bought when I got pregnant have finally snapped - literally. I was at the park on Sunday for a church family fun day when I stepped out of the car and my foot slid out of my shoe. I ended up having to wear my stepdaughter's flip-flops. She's a size 7. I'm a size 10. Yeah. But believe me, they looked better then trying to wear hubby's soccer shoes. The happy ending to this story is that I had to buy new shoes. I got the cutest $20 sandals and a pair of Rockport's at Macy's. You know pix are forthcoming.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Pre-Update Update

Took my sister out for her birthday last Saturday night.
My old car.
MY NEW CAR! (Can't beat a $200 lower payment.) Oh, the green Explorer next to it is ours too.