Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Photography

The "studio" is almost complete. I have a camera, tripod, awesome pistol grip head, lights, umbrellas, seamless paper, the paper stand is a work in progress (I'd say 90+% done), and the battery grip with extra battery is on the way. We're supposed to do a commercial on-location shoot next week that I'm looking forward to. It's for a company that produces a hair straightening product. They may still need a female model who has big bouncy curls. If you know someone, get me a pic and I'll forward it.

I started a gallery ( Take a look. Positive and negative feedback would be greatly appreciated. :)

I wish you a happy and properous 2009!

It's not too late to set some personal goals for next year. Notice, I didn't say resolutions. I prefer to think in terms of having something to work towards instead of resolutions that may imply a sudden and drastic change in behavior. For me, one goal is to grow my business so it's actuallyprofitable in 2009. To do that I have to put together an action plan for each area of the business. If I want more exposure, what do I have to do to get it? If I want more commercial work, what doors do I have to stick my foot in? If I want to produce better quality work, what practice can I get, what classes can I take, what other photographers/videographers can I work with. All this and more I have to think about for 2009. What will YOU be doing next year?