Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh, the randomness of it all...

I went by my job yesterday morning with hubby and the baby. It wasn't as much of a shock as I thought it might be. Everyone ooh'd and ahh'd and congratulated and complimented. I didn't plan to stay there as long as I did but that was ok. They already had my computer disconnected and ready for me to take home (which I did, and might I say those dual 21" monitors look o-so nice on my computer table). I know the rest of year will go by uneventfully workwise. Could it be because I have 89 vacation hours and 23 sick time hours that I have to use up by Dec. 31? Plus Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are in there too. That doesn't leave too many working days. :) Plus Mocha and fam will be here so I have something to look forward to!

Later in the afternoon I had my first post-pregnancy check up. You probably remember when I mentioned that my doctor made reference to "when I get my tubes tied" to which I promptly replied that I want to have more kids. Well, I am such a trash-talker! lol. I'm actually considering it now. Sidney was a breeze. Shelby gave me a morning in hell. I can't imagine it being any worse. I don't see how a next kid would be any better considering I'm only getting older. People say you forget the pain. Umm, yeah I've forgotten how it felt exactly but I have NOT forgotten how much I hated it when it was happening. Hmm. I'm still thinking.

Have you been watching ANTM? I'm not that impressed by any of the girls but I'm liking Melrose more and more. But I am so tired of hearing Jaeda complaining about her hair!

Sid's school is having a one-hr pajama party tonight when after care ends. (One hour???) Would you believe that up until this morning Sid didn't have any pj's to speak of? I fixed that problem by picking up some Spidey Man pj's. I hope he likes them. He's really into Mcqueen right now but they didn't have any in his size. Anyway, I think the parents are supposed to wear pj's too so I'm off to go pack my stuff!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

So Much And Nothing

Don't look at me like that! I'm not the only one who hasn't been blogging lately!

Monday coming will be six weeks since I had Shelby. Yes, time has flown by. I have so enjoyed the time. Monday I officially start back working (from home at least but still).

As usual people have been getting on my nerves. I would love to explain how but I shouldn't. Let me just ask you this, what's worse - a hypocrite or one who tries to get over all the time? I have both in my life and for reasons beyond my control they will be in my life indefinitely. I think being a hypocrite is worse. I absolutely cannot stand when someone smiles in my face and then talks behind my back. Granted, that's not the case this time, at least not to my knowledge, but this person is definitely two-faced and try as I might to help I don't seem to be getting through. And I have to try. But it's hard. If I had a choice I would choose to not have to deal with this person.

Shelby is getting so big and she demands attention. Sidney is a wonderful little big brother. Lately though he's been complaining that he doesn't have anyone too keep him company when he goes to bed so many nights I wake up to find him standing next to me - so I pull him into my bed. (Thank goodness for the new king bed!) Jr got a cell phone. I know he was so excited when his father finally gave his consent. Stepdaughter - no news there. Her and Sid together drive me crazy though. Hubby is alright. And me, I'm here, spending my time with the bottles and the diapers and baby who seems to love to spit and drool.

What's up with you?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today's Pix

Ok, no pix here, they're on Shelby's blog.

@Shawn: You're idea about getting my insurance to replace my phone was a good one, but *ahem* I, uh, didn't get any, er um, insurance on my cheap phone.

@Aziza: I hope it doesn't take me too long to learn how to use. As for why it's called chocolate...think dark, dark, maybe really dark chocolate. :) Actually, think sweeeet!
Got some good news yesterday. Cuz Mocha and a bunch of other family on my father's side will be coming my way this New Year's!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Ok, so I've neglected my blog for a while. I know you don't blame me for being preocuppied with my Princess. She's such a good baby. She eats a lot and sleeps a lot. She stays awake longer now, she smiles (no, it ain't gas), and she even started cooing. What a blessing!

I'm sick and Sid's sick, so I'm trying to make sure Shelby doesn't catch whatever it is that we have.

I'm finally getting a new phone. I've had my current phone for at least two years now. Hubby always goes for the gold when we get new phones and I always opt for one of the cheap ones. Well, not this time. I'm getting a new phone because the one I have has done it's time. It's been dropped a few times too many and it's age is showing. As you can tell by the picture, it's being held together by some elastic bands. See, if I take them off, the battery will keep coming loose and interrupting my calls by shutting down. How inconvenient. Well hubby won't let me be telephonically-challenged anymore. I ordered a chocolate yesterday. It shipped today and I can't wait to get it and start playing around.