Sunday, May 15, 2005

Just So You Know

I posted some pix from two Saturdays ago, when Sid was playing with the goats and one with us on the beach. I also put up a pic of me in my Pathfinder uniform (taken yesterday).

Talk about a long day. I was asked to facilitate a Sabbath School class (Gig, you know what I'm talking about). (I have to thank the class members for participating in the discussion thus making it easier for me - I was nervous and cotton-mouthed. Yesterday was Pathfinder Day (in case you missed it the first time) so they wanted all of the Master Guides teaching the classes. For me, that meant trying to fit into a modified army uniform I bought FOUR years ago. I just barely fit into it back then much less yesterday. I tried to change my diet and exercise more over the past two weeks. Didn't help. I almost couldn't get the skirt zipped up! Anyway, I wore it. All. Day. Long. That would be from 8:30 am teachers' meeting until 10 pm after taking members' photographs for our church directory. Also, some friend's of mine brought their beautiful baby girl down from Orlando (because most of the family and friends are down here) to be blessed. I wish I could show you a picture of her but her daddy would murderize me.

I went to work today. SUNDAY. We have a Wednesday deadline for an upcoming trade show or something like that (hence the crazy hours I've been working). To make sure I don't become the bottleneck I had to do it. I had to go in to the office. I got there at 11 am. I left at 4:25 pm only to find myself rushing back to church for our first 4:30 pm Board meeting with our new pastor. And here I am, online at 11:45 pm after getting home at 10 pm.

Not that you asked for all that boring information, but I thought I'd share it anyway. *hmph*

I could pick some bones with a few fellow bloggers here but I won't. I will be the bigger person. Instead, I will put in a plug for The Princess. She needs to get as many copies of her book sold by Monday as possible.


WIP said...

Hoping I wasn't blog-one on the "S-list" cause...cause...I stuck up for you *puppy dog eyes*...that was some-blogger's-laziness and Don-blogger's-big-brudder-ness (if you wanna keep it real *wink*).

You could'a fooled me; you look great in your uni! Four-year-old clothes don't even exist in my closet (I'm happy to report I'm smaller, LOL). I also saw the pics of you and Sid and the goats. You are gorgeous woman. And, well, you already know Sid is a cutey.

I'm glad you shared the fabric of your life with us. Makes for bloggin' and that's always better than no post from you *smile*.

Anonymous said...

i think i was definitely in the line of fire. in fact, i think i am the line being fired at! i gotta show more love...

ooh.. working on the weekends. as long as it's only temporary and gets you caught up.