Monday, May 23, 2005


Edit: I wanted to make sure that those who commented on my previous post saw my reply without having to search for it. THANK YOU, ALL! I love you guys!

@Proactiff - Of course you can call me Shell. We're virtual friends (but that's about to change)! I hope your girl is better now (for her sake and yours). Indeed, it was hard to find you. I was workin' that "Next Blog" button pretty hard. It was discouraging, the junk that I found. Then I tried going through other people's blogroll which was much more effective.

@Lawda - Just say hi once in a while and I'll be the happiest girl in the blogosphere. :)

@SP - I'm glad I could have had such an influence. Although it would be really cool if you did start a blog. You could put up pictures of your niece and not tell your sister (hehe).

@Purfiktgurl - Blogging as another form of friendship - my sentiments exactly. My husband rolls his eyes everytime I turn on the computer but he doesn't understand that instead I could be making phone calls and it would essentially be the same thing to me, i.e. me sharing myself with others.

@Jin - Thank you!

@Mz Giget - I really don't mind if people don't comment (cause I don't know any different). But if a person starts to comment but eventually stops, then I wonder why. I especially wonder if I finally bored the person away.

@Don - It's funny you should mention my (15 million) blogs. I started out with one but it snowballed quickly. I already know I'm an unsociable weirdo. Nothing too wrong with that as long as I'm a functioning unsociable weirdo. I guess birds of a feather...

@Iselfra - LOL - I didn't know you were reading me. Even if I did, my statement would be the same.

@Neena - I too love reading people stories and I know you have some interesting ones to tell. I'm (im)patiently waiting! :) (We should do do a duet)


princessdominique said...

Ummm, I think I missed something. Was I supposed to ask a question or something.

ShellyP said...

No, what happened was there were quite a few comments on my previous post so I put my replies into a new post.

SP said...

Ummm, you know my sister would have a heart attack while screaming at me "That's how identity theft gets started!!" Because aparently everyone in the world is just dying to become a 10 month old black/asian/white girl.

NeenaLove said...

a duet... do tell! where does the story begin? LOL...