Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We're FINALLY getting a new bed! With a frame! All courtesy of my mother-in-law (she's the sweetest). It's scheduled to be delivered this Thursday. I can't wait to go to bed Thursday night! (hehe) Our old bed, is, well, old. It's a queen-sized bed that sags all over. When you move it moves with you. My husband had it way before we got married five years ago and we never got around to replacing it. The new bed on the other hand is a firm KING.

Everywhere I look in my house I see things that need changing. The new bed will be screaming for a bedroom set and I don't blame it. There are a lot of mix-matched pieces in my bedroom. We'll need new sheets too of course, but Macy's is having a sale (as usual) starting Thursday so you know that's where I'll be Thursday evening after work. The television in our room is small but it still takes up too much space. A flat-panel LCD hanging on the wall would be much more efficient. As for the nest of cables behind the television in the living room - what can I say about that except that it needs to go. A proper wall unit is in order. Then I'll have somewhere to store my CDs instead of in my bedside table. But the wall unit will have to come after we repaint the living room. I have a red couch (sort of the color of ketchup) so I have to find something that will complement it.
My mother spoke to one of my uncles last week and he told her that he had just come back from vacation. When she asked him if he came to Florida he said no, Vancouver. I don't know if he meant to say it or if it slipped out before he realized what he was telling her, but we all know that's where my father is. He admitted to seeing him and he apparently told him that he has a grandson, for which my father was supposedly excited. I couldn't bring myself to call my uncle and ask him my questions myself so I emailed him instead. We'll see if he responds.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

M-eril Ain't Got Nothin' On Me!

I told you I would keep you updated as to my cooking endeavours. Last night I attempted chicken pot pie and profiteroles for dessert. The recipe said it would yield six servings so I halved the ingredients but still ended up with two 9" pies. I even improvised a bit. My main issue at the end was that I didn't halve the bay leaf so it was a bit overpowering, just a bit. You should have seen me though, poaching chicken and mixing veggies, stirring chocolate sauce and squeezing dough.

The first picture is deceptive because I didn't make the pie crust, I bought it - but that's what the recipe said to do!

This second picture, as if you couldn't tell, shows the inside stuff, which is what I did make...from scratch.

Here's my baby eating away indiscriminately. He would have told me if it wasn't good but he ate the whole thing. Yes, he eats everything except peanut butter, so he's easy to cook for.

Last Sunday I watched Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network and her pastries looked so good and easy to make I had to try them. Granted, I read the recipe incorrectly and set the oven temp at 475 instead of 425 so they came out a leetle bit overbrown. But they didn't taste burned. Hubby asked for seconds so they couldn't have been that bad.

SP and BDaB, you would have been SO proud of me!

Mama Update: My mom's is alright. She survived the night without having to call me. Her biggest upset is that her $300 PDA is gone and she doesn't want to spend another $300 to replace it. BDaB, as you mentioned in your comment, I too envisioned my pregnant self breaking the glass hurting that boy! I don't care if he wants to be lazy, but how dare he infringe on another who worked so hard to get where she's at. (My feelings for squatters are just as strong.) After she banged on his window and he started to drive off she ran back to her truck to grab her cell phone thinking she'd have enough time to take a picture, but you know how that goes. She would have been better off trying to memorize the make/model/license number. The gas station had at least one camera which of course didn't capture anything cause it was pointed in the wrong direction.

Monday, July 17, 2006

What would make little ole me want to punch somebody in the face?

I can't stand to see defenseless people get preyed upon. My mother stopped to get some gas this morning and you know the cars these days - there's no way to open only one door short of fighting to get the little lock up - well all the doors were unlocked and her purse got stolen from the passenger seat. She saw the guy just as he took it and she ran after him (ya'll don't know my mother, she's crazy). He jumped in his car and started banging on the window. Fortunately he drove off instead of possibly shooting her right there (this is South FL, it could definitely have happened). This all happened right smack in the middle of the day. She called me about 12:15 pm and the poor woman was frantic and upset about the nerve of this guy taking her stuff. Her life was in that purse. And her brand new PDA. I helped her find some numbers and she called to freeze her accounts, blah, blah, blah. I don't know she's going to sleep tonight. He has her driver's license with her address on it. Before today she was intent on leaving; now she can't wait to sell her place and get out.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

No Drumroll Necessary...It's another random post

Edit: The 'ney' at the end wasn't intentional but it doesn't hurt, plus we do like the fact that both names, Sidney and Kourtney, are unisex.
Ok, belly pix will be coming. Why do I have to chase hubby around with a camera to get him to take of picture of me?? lol (Brill could add that to his list of 'why' questions.) :)

No, I have no clue why my OB assumed I'd be tying the ovarian knots. Of all the words he spoke to me, that statement alone was almost half the word count!

No lunch adventure today. A bunch of us ordered from the overrated Lucille's cafe. The food is never above average but the price tag always is.

I know I said I wanted a name that started with an 'S' but hubby and I can't seem to agree. Since we must learn to sacrifice for *cough* love *cough* I think I've found something to satisfy us both: Kourtney Cassandra (and possibly add Morgan to the end of that). Bear with me on the spelling, that's still up for discussion. Hubby's name begins with a 'K' hence Kourtney. (I considered putting a silent 'S' in front of Kourtney, but SP duly threatened me. just kidding, I was only kidding.) Cassandra is my middle name so my vain side is somewhat satiated. Morgan could stay or go for me - what happens to it depends on hubby. He's used to having four names plus a last name so Kourtney *only* having three is nothing.

Btw, I know she needs no introduction but I've finally added Miz JJ to my blogroll *sigh*.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Now I'm All Sore And Achy!

I felt like having a chicken philly from Charley's Steakery for lunch today. The nearest location that I know of is at least a 15 min drive from where I work. But then someone told me that the Sawgrass Mall had one. I checked online at both the Sawgrass site and the Charley's site and they both said the same thing. So, I ventured out onto the open road with the threat of rain at every turn to satisfy my hunger for something non-foofoo (foofoo food is what we call the food around here that you pay a lot for but is generally overrated). Anyway, I got to the mall and found a parking space that wasn't a foot under water and parked. When I went in I knew exactly where I was going based on the map I had studied before leaving the office. But alas, Charley's was nowhere to be found in the Garden Food Court. I thought, hey, why not take the walk and check the other food court. It turned out to take a bit longer than I anticipated. I walked and walked and walked (say 15 mins) only to find that it wasn't in the other food court either. Miami Subs almost got my business but I decided against it and opted for Sbarro. So dejected was I! I sat alone and ate my pizza til I was ready for the trek back. I almost treated myself to some Haagen Daz ice cream for all the effort I put into finding this non-existant place, but the $3.20 price tag for a small cone deterred me. (Yes, BDaB, things change even as they stay the same.) I manuevered my belly through the crowd of people who don't even know what side of the mall they should be walking on - everyone outside of SFL knows that you keep to the right! I found my car easily and returned to work by 1:50 pm (note: I had left at 12:30 and the drive is only 10 mins each way). I did end up rewarding myself with a twix though.