Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Trip Report

K spent Thursday throwing up due to a stomach virus

Act I Scene I - Friday Night
K was too sick to drive but determined to make it to Orlando come what may = I had to drive the whole three hours.
(in unison) "Chunky butt blue!"
(one kid says) "I saw it first! You cheated!"
(other one says) "How you gonna say I cheated?"
(sid says) "Chunky butt white!"

Act I Scene II - Still Friday Night
We arrive in Kissimmee, a half hr south of Orlando, just after 11 pm. We stayed at my "cousins" house. 3900 sq ft. Twice the size of my own house and three times as many garages. Each of the older children had a room. My suite I had to share with my husband and youngest child. We had our own bathroom and our bedroom opened onto an enclosed side patio. The bed was more firm than my delicate self is used to. Dinner was waiting. We talked. We laughed. We showered. We went to bed.

Act II Scene I - Saturday Morning
Breakfast was waiting. We went to a local (small) church instead of attending the camp meeting service at FLA. The service was nice and so were the people. Lunch was served but we went home anyway where, you guessed it, lunch was waiting.

Act II Scene II - Saturday Afternoon
The Bible Bowl competition was scheduled for 3:45 pm. At 4:30 pm we (sans K who stayed back with his stomach virus to keep him company) left the house to find the hosting church. Despite mapquest's greatest efforts we got lost. What should have taken 45 mins max ended up taking 2 hours! I was not a happy camper. But the evening wasn't done. The oldest kid wanted to go to FLA to see what was going on. Well, how could we go all the way up to Orlando and not partake in some of the festivities??

Act II Scene III - Saturday Night
Ran into lots of people at FLA, some of whom I hadn't seen in a while. That was nice. Stayed for the 7:30 service. Watched some of drill teams compete (9 pm). Grabbed something to eat. Home by 11:30 pm. It was a long, long day.

Act III Scene IV - Sunday afternoon
Went back to FLA to buy the tickets for Wet'n Wild but the ticket sellers were already gone. Mad beeline for the park. By 4:00 pm we worked it out and the two older kids got in. Another mad beeline, this time for the Belz Outlet Mall. (pix of goodies to come) Dinner was at Sizzler's where I stuffed myself at the buffet and waited for my blog buddy to call me back.

Act IV Scene I - Monday
The usual - breakfast was waiting. We packed and cleaned up our spaces, thanked the hostess and headed out - not south, no, but north instead. Our sights were set on Macy's. Spent a few hours there then went to Chevy's for dinner. Stalked my blog buddy til she finally relented to bring herself and her family to meet myself and my family. That was cool. (I gotta tell you, that girl looks good. When I saw her get out of the driver's seat of her vehicle all I could wish was that I could one day look as good as she does. My husband even commented on her excellent muscle tone and how jealous he is. I would post a pic if I had her permission but I look so fat compared to her I couldn't show you all anyway!) Got back on the road heading for home at about 8 pm.
(in unison) "Chunky butt blue!"
(one kid says) "I saw it first! You cheated!"
(other one says) "How you gonna say I cheated?"
(sid says) "Chunky butt white!"

Overall Weekend Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
The food was good, the company was good, met old friends, made new friends, hubby was sick, I got sick (cold), the kids had fun, I'm back in my own comfortable bed now.

PS According to the kids, a chunky butt is a PT Cruiser.
PPS Sorry if you think this story had TMI, but it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!


Anonymous said...

yes, tiff and you (fat? what you talking 'bout gurl?), both look awesome! *wink*

more firm than my delicate self is used to... ha! and a patio - nice!

WIP said...

The pleasure would be all mine, my new friend! Gone put up a pic or two or three or all of 'em, LOL. I know, since we' frens and all, you just tryin' to be your funny self, talking about you being f.a.t. Fat chance, woman ... You look good! *My best Ron Johnson, circa a Different World, voice*

My husband secretly wishes he could make-friends and stuff. He says he admires that about me as yours said the same of you. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and you did some d.a.m.a.g.e. to them stores. The pics ain't doin' no justice to the shades, shoes, and you failed to put up any pics of the cute garb. I love the update format and the handsome male model to boot!


Don Tate II said...

Hey ShellyP, Im excited to hear that you and Tiff met in person. What fun!