Thursday, May 12, 2005

Still Nothing

Hey, All!

Remember not long ago I mentioned that work was kicking my butt? Well, yeah, it still is. I've been in as early as 7 am and out as late as 8 pm (like last night). That's overkill for me. But, I. Am. Dedicated. It's amazing how tired you feel after spending 8 hrs staring at a computer screen. My mother used to always ask how I could be tired sitting down all day, but it happens - mental fatigue and eye strain are the major issues. I shouldn't have to think this hard to make some money!


Some things have changed since I've last blogged:
Jinny had a birthday.
Devast put up a new profile pic (quite attractive).
Tiff switched up her site.


Anonymous said...

attractive? oh Ya!
and i've stopped by Jinny's and Tiff sites (via your site) - i've been lurking there a lot.

still got nothing on my front. just don't feel like i got anything to say. hopefully though, in a couple of weeks, i'll be bursting from the seams. ;)

Don Tate II said...

Shelly, I think sitting at a computer all day is more fatiguing than lifting boulders for eight hours. I find that physical work is actually energizing over the long haul. While sitting just makes you feel old.

WIP said...

ITA with Don and sitting. Even when I sit here and "blurk" I start to feel...I dunno, but whatever it is, I hop off this bad boy like crabs done attacked me (TMI)! As for even "newer" changes, Don has gone and added a second blog to his repertoire. Talking about becoming famous, while this lowly blogger keeps plugging away or chomping at the bits in between post.


WIP said...

Oh, thanks for the "shout" about the *newest* look on the blog homefront. Does that mean you voted in favor of it?

Um'kay, bye.

Jin said...

Aww, thanks for the mention :) Hopefully work will calm down for ya - long hours can be a killer! Hang in there.

Don Tate II said...

Hey and by the way, thanks for the compliment. You lookin' nice in your red hat and stuff, too!