Tuesday, May 03, 2005

One Elliptic Machine and Four Workout Machines Later

I forgot to respond to Tiff's reference to my undecisiveness and my notice of 15 million MAC Lipglass colors. I didn't even realize it when I wrote it, but you, Tiff, picked up on it right away. LOL


Soo, I went to the gym this evening after work. Yeah, I did. My co-workers could hardly believe that I was really going to go this time. (I've had my workout gear under my desk for the past two weeks.) I went down to the gym (4:15 pm) and it was thankfully empty. I quickly changed cause by 4:30 pm I knew people would start coming. First was the elliptic machine. My stamina is non-existant these days. I could barely do five minutes. I decided it would be okay to move on. Lower body. There are only two machines dedicated to the legs (it's a very small gym, maybe three times the size of my bedroom, not that helps you to visualize it). I worked my thighs and my calves. Then I thought why not go all out and make my whole body sore so I can complain all day tomorrow...and the next day. I did some chest presses and lat pull-downs. Then I went back to my thighs and calves. I wanted to ride my bicycle but it's raining. Plus, I need new tires (and tubes, K says). All in all, I feel pretty darn good right now. I was tired before the workout but not so much now.


Ooh, the subtlety!
Here are before and after pix of my lips with my new love lipgloss. 


Don Tate II said...

That is too funny. I see you must have your digital camera back up and running and kissing. Now about a brotha's grammer! I ain't gots no time to be worring abouts some grammer...I means...grammar and stuffus.

WIP said...

Va...va...voom! That color looks "Hawt" on you. As for the gym, you-go-girl!

Anonymous said...

you have a gym right at work? you mean, you can walk right down, after work and workout? and you haven't been using it? tsk, tsk. ;)

that's exactly the type of lipgloss i like - just a subtle colour change. nice!