Thursday, May 26, 2005

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*sigh* Jinny got me. I couldn't get away.

How many books do you own?
Tons. I love reading. Always have. Did I mention I have tons of books? For a long time I've wanted to have a library in my house. The place we have now there's just no room for it. As a matter of fact, if my husband could he would donate all my books to the nearest library. (I did donate all of my Sweet Valley High books to a library a few years ago.)

What was the last book you bought?
"The Hamptons" by Princess Dominique.

What was the last book you read?
"Emma" by Jane Austen. I finished it yesterday.

Mention five books that mean a lot to you and that you've read more than three times.
I don't think I've read any book three times, except maybe Sid's books. Some books that I would recommend would be "Crime and Punishment" and "The Godfather".

Tag 5: Make 'em blog it.
Hmm, who should I punish?? purfiktgurl, mz giget, ...and devast. oh, I gotta add neena.

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SP said...

I'm reading this book now "Gotham Diaries" by Tonya Lewis Lee and Crystal McCrary Anthony. So far it's good. I'll bring it to you when I'm done if you want.