Thursday, November 30, 2006

And I present to you Zucchini Pancakes!!

I liked them. The 16 yr-old said they weren't bad but he didn't like them. Sid said they were nasty. lol. I forgot that hubby doesn't like egg yoke so they were too "eggy" for him. My poor family. But hey, if they don't want to eat what I cook or bring home there's always pasta in the pantry!

I'm getting my recipes from G.arten's latest cookbook B.arefoot C.ontessa at Home.

I had wanted to try the onion rings and a lemon butter chicken (the latter courtesy of SP's man, Tico), but I got home too late and wasn't up for the challenge. Actually I met some "new" family tonight - my mother's 2nd cousin, her daughter and son-in-law, and their three kids. The last kid is barely a month old and very cute. I exchanged email addresses with the daughter who is only two years older than me.

Last night I made lemon fusilli with arugula

I took a picture of it using my phone but I didn't realize until after we ate it all that I didn't save the picture! But, it turned out very good. Tonight I plan to try the zucchini pancakes and maybe onion rings. I know, they probably don't go together but oh well.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This is what I (we) made for dinner today. I bought a cookbook a few days ago and have been poring over it ever since. What we have here is chicken piccata (thanks SP for the tip on the white wine), tomato and feta cheese salad, and buttermilk mashed potatoes. The potatoes were a tad bit salty but everything together tasted really good.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Two weekends ago I was sharing in the celebration of a life that ended too soon. One weekend ago I was sharing in the celebration of a life that is just beginning. This weekend I'm grateful for the lives of my family members and friends.

It's been freezing here the last few days. It hit the 30s yesterday. Thankfully it will begin warming up today, just in time for our Thanksgiving Day barbecue. Because I mean really, what is cold weather without snow?? As a matter of fact, hubby's favorite vacation was when we visited Toronto some winters ago when the snow was deep. I keep telling him we need to move to Germany but I think he's stopped hearing my pleas.

My mother and her brother are going to Jamaica in a few weeks to visit their aunt and uncle. It would be nice to be going with them. And speaking of Jamaica, at long last I have received a letter and card from my aunt. In a nutshell she said she was glad to hear from me and she congratulated me on the birth of Shelby.


Is ANTM even worth talking about?? I was so glad when they kicked off J.aeda last week. Michelle went last night. If only she wanted it. She could probably have won. We're down to the final four and I don't know who to root for anymore. There's no one who stands out.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I was reading Gian's post and it reminded me of the last time I was approached by a man in a grocery store. (I would highly recommend reading his post before reading mine.) Last week. I went to the deli to order a sub for my mother. I was my usual self. I'm not an intimidating person or anything and I usually smile if my eyes make contact with someone else's. I smiled at various people behind the counter, listening to the banter going back and forth between different people. Nothing flirtatious. After I left the store and was all the way back at my car I noticed one of the employees walking towards me - one of the guys from the deli area. I figured that since the store was almost closing he must be coming to take the cart back. He approached me but it wasn't the cart that he wanted. He tried to make small talk before asking the main question; Where was I from, do I have any kids, am I married, and surprisingly even after I told him I was married he wanted to know for how long. Now, he's a grown man and none too attractive to put it mildly, but I politely but consistently put him off. He continued to tell me that he sees me all the time and whenever he does I'm the one he wants, how there's no one else like me, he'll never find anyone like me, blah, blah, blah. I told him of course he'll find someone and she'll be even better than I am, which of course he refused to believe. I don't know what he wanted me to do - did he expect me to offer my number or my 'friendship' or something else?

I'll Admit It...

...Sometimes I block specific people on msn. I always log on with my status set to 'offline' to see if there's someone(s) I do or don't feel like talking to. If I see someone I wouldn't mind talking to then I go 'online'. If I also see someone I don't want to talk to then I block that person first. Come on, I can't be the only one. You know how certain people are, they'll immediately try to engage you in a conversation, so instead of having to put them off I save them the trouble of trying to start anything.

...I look better pregnant. Ah, yes, a little baby fat never hurt anybody. Now I feel too skinny (except for the belly that I'm working on).

...Sid was a (slightly) cuter baby, but it doesn't matter cause Shelb is still beautiful.

...I don't talk to my friends nearly as much as I would like....

...I have a secret blog. Ok, I have two secret blogs, neither of which I post to on a consistent basis. They more represent different phases of my life. One is about dreams, imaginings, sometimes fiction. The other is the one I use to vent about certain people who may or may not read my public blogs.

...I love chocolate and bread together (think nutella or toblerone), and cinnamon and brown sugar with butter on toast, and pineapples, and watermelon, and orange juice, and Jamaican food, and the smell of a newborn baby, and reading, and watching people, and, and the list goes on.

...I love my baby, my hubby. He's so sweet and fine and even though he gets on my nerves sometimes he's all mine.

For those wondering about SP, the last I heard she was doing fine, enjoying life with her boy toy. It would appear, based on words coming out of her own mouth, that they are offically an item how, but you didn't hear that from me!

Monday, November 06, 2006

You've Got To Watch This!

I think it's hilarious!


I had a mixed weekend. Saturday evening was the most stressful but the day ended on a good note. I went to hubby's cousin's baby shower. She's due in a few weeks but she looks good. She looks like she's ready to pop, but she still looks good. Some family flew down from NY which was a nice surprise for everyone. One cousin came with his girlfriend. The other cousin came with his wife and their seven week old daughter who is three days older than Shelby. Of course there was food and I was all up in it!

Sunday some friends came up from MIA to visit another friend, K, her hubby and their nine month old son. I just happen to live almost across the street so visiting me was also an option. However, being as nosey as I am I wanted to see the baby (and the house) too, so instead we all met up at K's house. Couldn't stay long though because Sid had a party at his school and we still had to meet hubby at the bike store before that. Should I say that we never made it to the party? Sid was having too much fun riding bikes around the store and he said he didn't care if he missed the party. Apparently he was serious because when we were ready to leave he wasn't.


Happy Monday!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Rambling

See the smiles of the day here!

I went to work again yesterday but this time it was for a meeting to be updated on the progress of the project I was working on before I had to leave. The meeting was with the new guy who started a week into my leave. I was impressed by him. The guy is good. Anyone who reads technical books and writes programs in his off time while being married with two young kids and going to school for his Masters must love what he does. I, on the other hand, like what I do. When I leave work I don't want to think about computers except for checking email, reading blogs, or researching personal topics. Maybe I need to find something that I love that pays well. Anyway, we'll see how this whole thing pans out for me between now and the next review period.

ANTM - You're right, Shawn, about Jaeda. How much longer do we have wait for her to prove herself?? As for Melissa Rose, yes, it's hard to watch her a lot of the times, but I like her pictures lately. I definitely like Caridee's pictures too. Sometimes it feels like she's overdoing it though. And How could I forget Anchal?? Her "groaning" is grating. Eugena can take some good pictures - except there's no connection. The judges are always complaining about her eyes not showing anything and I agree, but how do you fix that? I'm on the fence about the twins. One is better than the other but I can't remember which one. I don't know how successful the past winners have been (I see Eva in the news quite a bit) but I'm rooting for Danielle.