Thursday, May 31, 2007

Leftover Cake

There was way too much cake leftover from Saturday's surprise "party." I brought two-thirds of the cake in to work today because there is no way it would get eaten fast enough at my house.

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's My Birthday! It's My Birthday!

33 years of non-stop blessings - that's what I've had - from my grandma to my comfortable life growing up through my schooling and into a decent job, to the present state of blissful marriage and the best kids in the world.

A few months ago someone who my husband tried to help (a few years ago) fix his wife's computer, came and told us that his wife accused hubby of ruining said computer. Every few weeks the guy would come with new reports that the harddrive had been swapped (by my hubby), that the place where the bought the computer did an analysis and said the current harddrive was severely corrupted, that hubby had registered the computer in his name, and even that hubby was using their Internet service! They made official complaints to our pastor and head elder and even went so far as to file a police report, or so they say since we have never seen the report. Hubby always maintained his innocence but the guy's wife refused to talk to hubby or even to let us go with them to where they bought it so we could have everything explained directly. No go. Keep in mind that this has been dragging on for months. Last week the guy came back to us with a big smile on his face bursting to share his latest findings. Apparently he had yet another "computer expert" come over and look at the computer. They guy explained everything to him, even wrote stuff down so he could show his wife when she came home from work, and the kicker is that the guy got the computer back to the state it was in before hubby ever looked at, thus proving that it was indeed the original harddrive. That was the biggest relief for me and I'm sure even bigger for hubby who was wrongly accused. I don't know what the guy's wife said to the irrefutable proof of innocence. Maybe we'll find out tomorrow after church. That is, of course, unless the story has changed yet again.

Yesterday my kids' school's director called to tell me that I've been overpaying for Shelby ever since she started going to daycare. That means we get at least $120 reprieve from this month's school fees which is always good news.

Today my co-workers took me to lunch at Macaroni Grill, then we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. I heard that the reviews weren't good but it didn't matter - it was Johnny Depp. Lots and lots of Johnny Depp. I have loved that man since 21 Jumpstreet Days! *sigh* Anyway, yes, I liked the movie enough. It was fun to watch. A bit slow in some spots but overall I'd give it a (probably biased) thumbs up. Nice way to spend the afternoon. No plans for myself for the weekend though. Maybe take some more pictures. Oh yes, I took pictures of the kids last Sunday. We went to a park and I had them bring changes of clothes. Hubby's mom came too. Had a pretty good time. I'll have to upload some of my favorites when I get a chance.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I had a good weekend, and you?

My baby, Sid, made me a card and a picture of a flower. Shelby didn't make me anything, that little diva! Hubby brought me blueberry pancakes from Grand Lux, which were yummy as usual. At church on Saturday the mothers got a rose, a carnation, and an evening treat of sandwiches and soup and numerous tributes. Sunday afternoon I spent with family celebrating my cousin's graduation from law school. Her husband bought her a BMW 330 as a graduation gift. I asked my hubby what I'm doing wrong as a wife why I don't get gifts like that. He basically told me that he gave me two kids and I should be happy. lol.

Ok, you know nothing ever really goes smoothly for me, right? I had everything packed and ready to head to Miami for the graduation - the baby bottles, cars for Sid to play with, and just as importantly I had my camera and even a backup camera. On the way down hubby asked me if I had the battery. Umm, that's when I realized I did forget to bring it. He told me it was ok cause he picked it up for me. I breathed a sigh of relief only to find out later that he was only kidding. He thought I was kidding! Yeah, I had to use the backup camera. :( Fortunately the "after party" was at cousin's uncle's house which happened to be close to mine, so I swung by home first. After that, it was on. Hanging with family is always nice for me. We talked, we laughed, we ate, and...I took pictures! The latest one on Shelby's blog was actually taken Saturday afternoon but it's one of my favorites. Take a look.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I got my camera!

Thanks to moms for my early birthday gift - a Canon Rebel SLR XTi.

There's so much more I need now. *sigh*