Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tickle My I.Q.

When I logged in to Tickle I found that I had already taken the I.Q. test back in 2003. My score was something like 127. I retook the test anyway and this time scored a 135 - Insightful Linguist. What on earth?! Me? I guess I have actually derived some benefit from all the reading I've done.

Update: Super I.Q. Score = 131 (Creative Theorist)


Don Tate II said...

You know, I took that Tickle test recently. I was so angry to discover that they give you some simple results...and charge you for a full report! Nothing wrong with that—capitalism—but had I known ahead of time, I would not have spend an hour with the questionaire.

WIP said...

Pay? To take a quiz? I will just have to "assume" I score somewhere up with the other "mensa's" of the group *LOL*. Thanks for visiting me, as I've been visiting you to only see that you've been "quiet" yourself, girlie. I figured I'd better "say" something on this post for fear of it being your last!

Wake-up! *Long and drawn out, in my best Spike Lee, School Daze, voice* Some of your readers miss you out here...