Friday, April 22, 2005

This Weekend

So, I'm going to Albany, GA with my mother this weekend. Apparently, she looking into buying a place up there. Why Albany, GA, the middle of nowhere, you ask? Because that's where my sister is going to school. Hopefully she'll be graduating this December. But, in the meantime, if my mom gets a place, then my sister and her roommate can move in and pay rent there instead. What does that mean for me? It means I'll be up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning. It means I'll be on the road for seven hours. It means I'll be sleeping alone Sunday night. What else? Oh yeah, it means I'll be back on the road Monday morning. And to make matters worse, my mother also wants me to help her DRIVE to Canada NEXT WEEK! If we weren't so busy at work I wouldn't have much to think about. But, man, I have stuff to do and we're already behind. I don't know. I don't need the guilt trip either for not going. Can you tell I'm cranky today?


Anonymous said...

safe trip to Albany. don't know what to say about being guilted into driving up here.

WIP said...

Ditto to what purfiktgurl said...I pray traveling mercies to you both. Will Sid be going too? I know how it is to travel with LO (little ones). A. Major. Pain. to say the least, even though we luv' them little boogers!

I so understand you on the guilted thing; I get it magnified to the twentieth degree because I'm an only child. Pray about it and do what you are led to do...

Too bad you don't have wireless, then you could blog us some stuff in route to "no-mans-land." I know Albany very well.

((Hugs)) to my Floridian blog fren *Wink*...Read you soon.