Wednesday, April 27, 2005

An Effort

Yes, in an effort to post, I'm typing furiously til my husband is ready for bed. Ok, so I'm not typing so furiously, but I'm trying. I don't have much to talk about tonight. Eh, that's probably not true. I'm sure I could find a thousand topics. My problem is, and has always been, choosing one thing. Back in high school, during lunch, purfiktgurl and I would sometimes visit the local corner store looking for a chocolate fix. (For those of you who read purfiktgurl, you'll realize her addiction for chocolate has just always been.) Anyway, every time, without fail, I would stand in front of the candy counter trying to decide what to buy. She would have already paid for her stuff and I would still be standing there, our lunchtime quickly ticking away. At the last minute I would grab something, (pay for it, of course) and run out. What was my point again? Oh yeah, I've never been the decisive type. I've always either made a last minute spontaneous decision or I relied on my tried and true friends. Thankfully I've also never been a crowd follower or eager for popularity.

Times have changed and I've matured (hopefully). Now I have no choice but to think ahead (at least for my son's sake) and make informed, logical decisions. Guess that makes me an adult now??


Dayrell said...

Sheesh! Do I totally identify with Purfiktgurl! LOL. Being addicted to chocolate is the PITTS! Good thing you've never been a follower either. I'm not either. I admire people like that. :)

WIP said...

Perhaps, was it too many choices? I found myself in those situations, as I got into college and was like, "Do I buy Tampax or Kotex? Gain or Tide? Etc." My friends would be like, "Tiff, just get one and let's go!" Mind you they had the cheap-break-you-out-crap in their Walmart buggy. I was always the girl riding to outtings, quietly. Why? I was in deep thought as to what I was going to buy, order, eat, etc. as to not "hold" them heifers up.

WIP said...

Oh, BTW, I, like you always have a hard time deciding "what" to write about. Seems like some essay writers are emerging? Cute post...may have to "jack" you for somethin' similiar *smile*.

ShellyP said...

@Dayrell - Don't worry, girl, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being addicted to chocolate. I've been for years and only recently has it waned.

@Tiff - Definitely too many good options. I should add too that on some occassions I didn't buy anything at all. That's similar to my blogging experience. Sometimes I'll log in and want to start writing only to end up logging out without having written anything.

I feel you on being 'quiet'. I still do that.

Anonymous said...

ya - the addiction is still strong. i will try other say, desserts that aren't chocolate - but in the end, i always know that chocolate will be the best!

i too have a problem with choices - when it comes to creativity. i'll think of one idea - decide to do it, but then something else (and something else, etc.) will come into my head - and then i'm torn. bad thing is, it happens that i'll have started doing something, then change my mind and not like it, because i thought of something 'better'. and i end up not completing anything.