Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It Went

Well, it came, we did, and it went. That's pretty much the whole thing in a nutshell. K agreed to bbq and I got potato salad, macaroni salad, juice, soda. I set out my demo kit on the dining room table, sort of how it looked in "The Setup" picture. Out of about 25 invitees and maybe 14 replies, I expected 11 to show up, but 8 did. It was ok. We soaked our feet and my girlfriend helped to remind of things to do. She was the only one who ended up buying stuff. My mother is supposed to have her Girls' Nite Out soon. That was the real purpose: to get my girlfriends to have pampering parties at their houses. Anyway, we talked and ate and tried stuff. Wasn't as whiz-bang as I hoped. I'll have to try again... *sigh*

I know you're all wishing the best for me. Thanks.


WIP said...

Keep it in prayer...You took a faith walk. Faith w/o works is dead. This could be setting you up for something bigger than you can imagine right now; just keep knocking/seeking/asking/doing and the doors AND windows will open!

*Praying for Shelly's unwaivering faith in this new venture...Yet knowing that Your will be done*


Anonymous said...

yep - keep at it. so now you know, you've got to spread the word/invites out to lot's more people. i think if you make it look as 'casually professional' as possible, the sales will come. meaning, maybe do a simple, cute business card - and hand it out to all your friends and their friends, etc. also, set up at the party is key too. make it it look as professional and 'put together' as possible. organise products as they would in the store.

ShellyP said...

Oh, wow, my first online prayer. That was the nicest thing anyone could do for me. Thank you, Tiff!

Btw, my mother brought her camera, but I forgot to take pictures until it was all over, hence the pix of the kids.

I've thought about my business cards. I'm not sure how close to the template I have to stay. The default title is "Independent Consultant." I was hoping to have something like "Pampering Specialist," or "Independent Pampering Consultant." You know, something different so people will ask me what I do.

WIP said...

More thoughts on what purfiktgurl said...

Definitely use some of the HGTV tips and the likes of Christopher Lowell. Use some "elevation" techniques when it comes to your table display. You may even want to purchase your own, say card table, and practice with the display looks. That way, you can always bring your own table along with your kitten-caboodle of yummy products (which reminds me I need to ask you about one I 've heard about; more on that later, just remind me, m'kay).

As for the business cards, I'm sure you know about Vista Print (Duh, who doesn't. I got my first set of cards from there and am going to get some more really soon.). They have some great "pampering" background/templates available. Were you given specifics on just how you are able to go about promoting your business? If not, I would definitely go with what your Spirit is leaning toward. Independent Consultant is so broad, general in fact. At least when I did PC, they called us Independent "Kitchen" Cunsultant. I think you should be able to specify your area of expertise. IMHO, that is.

One last thing (you sick of me yet?). I still receive a monthly e-newsletter from the area director I used to work with. I always thought "that" was a good idea. You can start sending out updates and advertising via an email flyer. Reminding people of upcoming holidays (Mother's Day), sales and promotions that are going on. You could put clip art and stuff on there to really personalize/customize it. Don't forget to include your consultant number. Start an e-mailing list and definitely include a line on it about "forwarding" it to any interested friends, as well as put a line on there about removing their name if they don't wish to receive it. Start compiling your list from your church family too. Just some thoughts that you probably have already thought of, just wanted to reinforce and encourage you to continue going forward. See if they have a logo or template that you can include in your blog sidebar...You never know who is interested in what you are doing and may want to seek help and info from you. *Smile*


WIP said...

ONE more thought...I know I said that five thoughts ago! Maybe you could include a signature with your title for all of your "personal" emails that you send out. That way your name is associated with it and someone could be thinking, "I need to go to BS and get some 'Mango butter'," then they read an email from you and you could save them the trip because then they'll inquire and you will be able to "personally" give them what they want as well as introduce some other "new" things they may not have known about.

Okay, I'm done for real.