Friday, April 01, 2005

French Braids and Other Things

It's been about two years since i've donned this hairstyle. Today I have four french braids. It didn't take as long as I thought to do it (I did it myself) but I felt somewhat out my element, like I was doing it wrong. It turned out alright, I suppose. See now, if I had a digital camera I would take a picture and upload it for ya.

I spoke to K about trying the consulting thing. Just as I would expect his initial reaction was to look at me like I had a tree growing from my neck. I think I did convince him that I could do it so he told me to go ahead and give it a try. Sooo, I signed up this evening!

I got some white shoes to go with my white suit. I wish you could see it. The only problem is (was) that it has (had) a few makeup marks on it, like foundation, or powder. Well, I bought it anyway hoping to find that same suit at another store and exchange it. That didn't happen. Last night we drove from Broward to Palm Beach to Miami and back to Broward again (about 100 miles worth of driving). No luck. This morning I called in late to work and we headed back down to Miami. Still no luck. I did ask some salesladies for advice on getting out the stains myself (I know, I should have asked you all first before wasting my time and gas). One lady said to use face soap and a blow dryer. Another said hairspray. The last one said non-chlorine bleach and some ice wrapped in a rag. The third one turned out to be a charm! I'm quite pleased. I'm reclining here now soaking my feet and waiting to wash this mask off my face. Then I can grab some pizza from the kitchen and hop into bed. I am SO ready for bed.


Anonymous said...

i'm trying to imagine it, but can't. four down the side of your head?

if i lived in florida, i'd be one of your customers.

good to hear the stains came out! i never heard about using ice!

ShellyP said...

Four braids from front to back. They all start at the same point above my left eye and then split evenly and go backwards.

hybe said...

By chance, did the four little French braids result in the cute little "braid-out" that you are sportin' in your ordination pic? BTW, your son is drop-stroke-gorgeous! He's such a nice combo of you and 'K', but from the web he really favors mommy quite a bit (I know it's probably the complexion and hair that resemble the most, but he's got facial features of yours too.). Is he going to be an "only" from you, if you don't mind this 'only' asking?