Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Views of My Life

Without the rose-tinted glasses, this is a real-world view of my life:
* married to a man who is a big playful teddybear of a guy
* two step-kids
* one biological son (Sidney)
* a two-story, three bedroom, two bathroom house
* wake up at 5:45 am
* go to bed around midnight
* great inlaws
* a "different" kind of mother and absent father
* software engineer

Put them glasses back on:
* married to a man who is a big playful teddy bear of a guy
* two step-kids
* three biological kids
* a two-story, six bedroom, four bathroom house on five acres of land with a vacation house in Germany, a penthouse in NY
* wake up at 9 am
* go to bed by 11 pm
* great inlaws
* a mother with a loving husband
* a talent agent for my kids, a voice-over artist, and a philanthropist


LB said...

There's very little difference...u can have that...that is, if u ruled YOUR world.

Anonymous said...

goes to show that it doesn't take much and it is very attainable.