Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Typical Weekend

I'm used to Saturday's being busy so I wasn't surprised that this weekend wasn't any different. Saturday morning, I was in charge of giving out 400+ lesson quarterlies. It went smoother than I expected. Right after Sabbath School we rushed out to another church only to make it just in time. I was only going because my girlfriend's baby was being blessed. As we walked in the parents and kids were just going up on stage, but my girlfriend was nowhere to be found. It turns out they (her, her husband, her baby) were still on the way. So, we waited. And waited. They eventually turned up and baby Kaylah made her grand entrance clutched in the arms of an 'embarassed' daddy.

Now, this church is not known for late endings, but someone had it in for us that day. The sermon didn't end til about 1:15 pm. That means that with all the hubbub going on surrounding the baby and the lunch plans and everyone wanting to congratulate the parents, we didn't get to the lunch spot (at the park) until 2:30 pm...and we were the second set of guests to find the pavillion. The food wasn't ready until 4:300. Yes, you read correctly. It's a good thing the proud daddy walked with some snacks otherwise we would have had to leave on Sidney's account.

I didn't mention we had a 5 pm meeting back at our home church, did I? Well, we did. And we were fifteen minutes late. And we were reprimanded (I hate when that happens). The meeting itself was short but we still didn't get home til after 8 pm. Of course, church was far from over but we had to go.

Apparently, I attended a blog party Saturday night, but I don't have much recollection of it. I must have had a good time. Thanks to Diggs for throwing the birthday bash and inviting me.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early - 7:15 am. I had promised the Pastor's wife I would print some Bible quotes for display at her Prayer Breakfast scheduled to begin at 8:15 am. 10 am they let us eat and I just about RAN home and back into bed.

Should I mention I was back at church for a nominating committe meeting at 8:45 pm? Nah. Fortunately, the meeting was cancelled due to a lack of a quorum

Now I'm here with nothing blogworthy to write, but writing anyway.

Jinny, good luck on your interview tomorrow!


hybe said...

Awwww! how sweet was that "Shout-out" to Jinny on her interview! It's amazing the wonderful people we can meet in this crazy, messed up world. Again, that was so from the heart. What a wonderful and quite the busy Mommy Sid has...

Jin said...

Thank you so much! Gosh - how do you handle being so busy?? I'd go insane.

Just goes to show how nice of a person you are to devote so much of your time and effort for others. :)

Anonymous said...

i hate that too! when i'm late for something, and it was totally not my fault and i get in trouble for it!