Thursday, March 17, 2005

Blogger Identity Crisis

Something is going around and I'm trying not to get it. I'm fighting it with all my might. But it seems that some of us are having a blogger identity crisis. There are a few reasons why I started blogging:

Call me a crowd follower, but it was a new thing for me. I'm a self-professed wanna-be nerd, so even though I knew I was jumping in after the wave, I still wanted to get a piece of the action.

I thought it would be cool to have my own personal soapbox, a place in the world for my voice. I could write whatever I want. This part however proved to be difficult. I didn't want to put myself out there in case people I know read what I wrote. Then they might know too much...I still believe that anything that you wouldn't want to come back to you at an inconvenient time should not be written down.

I figured I could write to my friend, Purfiktgurl. Email was fine for its purpose, more direct. In my blog I could talk to her indirectly. Email would be saved for private explanations.

...That was then.

This is now...

Those reasons still exist but in addition I have increasing desire to write for the people; to nurture a blog family. Not necessarily writing what they want to read, but to at least make sure that what I do write is considered read-worthy. This is what I'm really fighting. I want this place to remain my little space for my little voice to say whatever.

Sooo...I'm going to keep it random.

Whatever I feel to write, I'll write. If I have a message to send, I'll send it. If I have information to share, I'll share it.


About to start reading "Emma", on loan from a co-worker to whom I lent "Crime and Punishment." It'll be a long read (over 400 pages) but I'm determined to get through it.


hybe said...

Here here. . . 'Nuff said. ITA with what you've written (and said ;).
Until we read again.

Anonymous said...

know what you mean. lately i too have wanted to write 'worthy' posts. that were well written, etc. that people would get a kick out of reading. sometimes that happens. sometimes it's random. i'll leave it at that. besides, my life is pretty boring, so i don't always have that much to say! about putting it all out there. funny, i mentioned to/gave my blog address to my friends, and besides you shel, no one else, is really into the internet thing. well, except for C. he read regularly, when he was in school and had access to a computer. so regardless, i write whatever. actually, i think the challenge is to be as honest as possible. for me, anyway.

Jin said...

Sigh. I know what you're saying all too well. Your "whatever I feel to write, I'll write" is excellent blog advice. After all, too much pressure to blog makes it become a chore (I'm sure we all have enough chores in life as it is!)

NeenaLove said...

i soooo feel your post. sometimes i just wanna go off on my blog and say EVERYTHING thats goin' on in my little head. it's scary. what if my words come back to bite me in the rear end???? so i'm with you... i'll write -- knowing that people will read it.