Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blogroll, etc.

I've added a few read-worthy blogs to my blogroll (see sidebar).


Soo, I have to be more assertive. That's what 'they' say. I have to learn to look for opporutnities to take advantage of, open doors to walk through. Being assertive is so unlike me. I know, it stems from a general lack of confidence in my abilities. I always said I could sell BMWs though. I can assert myself if I'm doing something I really believe in. I'm going off track. That's another issue. refocusing I can start anything but if it doesn't keep my interest I fizzle out. What to do at work? Find a niche. Do something new. Do anything.


Been in a melancholy mood lately. Too much stress in my life. At least I got my cost of living increase.


Anonymous said...

that's exactly what i need to do "find a niche. do something new. do anything." and like you, "i can assert myself if i'm doing something i really believe in." but how do you find that thing? that's the challenging/tricky/elusive/gosh darn, why can't i figure it out/part. damn!

Jin said...

This is exactly what I've been thinking about myself for some time now -- "be more assertive" "do something new". Some people make that look so easy.

And why can't stress just take a holiday??

hybe said...

"And why can't stress just take a holiday??" ... Or hide out in some cave like Osama "Sin"-Ladden!
Seriously though, it'll come to us through a lot of prayer/meditation and fasting. I'm on that journey now. Can't put "new wine" into old wineskins is what I read.