Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Memorable Moments

I have been blessed to have so many beautiful people come in and out of my life. When I hear horror stories about others' experiences I can't help but be grateful for my own past experiences. That's not to say I haven't been hurt, but that's another post. Right now I just want to let you in on some of my more memorable people and experiences. (Sorry if you're not on this list. It doesn't mean you shouldn't be.)

Craig - my best friend during my freshman year at college
We went at the grocery store one day to look for a gift for a mutual friend. I happened to spot the cutest, softest bear. It was dressed like a painter and even had the little french hat. I showed it to him, not for him to buy it for our friend, but just to show it to him for the sake of it. We eventually left the store and that was that. One evening following he picked me up in his mom's Volvo, probably to go to choir practice. I got in and buckled up and something caught my eye. I turned around and did a double-take - it was the same bear I had shown him the other night! And the poor little bear was even strapped in! I was so excited. I still have that bear. Craig was such a sweetheart. He was instrumental in my learning to drive too, how could I forget (he taught me how to drive an automatic; my mother taught me how to drive a manual).

G - my best friend for the rest of my college years
I learned so much from him. I was so naive in college and he could easily have taken advantage of me, but he looked out for me in so many ways. My mother really liked him too. I remember the car accident we were in the day after his grandmother's funeral in Jamaica. Some lady driving a car without insurance t-boned us as we were making a right turn. It was totally her fault and she knew it. I was in the front passenger seat, G's cousin was driving, and G was in the back. Not wearing a seatbelt he was thrown from one side of the car to the other; unconscious. Needless to say, we spent the rest of the evening at the hospital. His cousin ended up with a neck brace while I got away unscathed. Not the best memory, but memorable nonetheless.

Jose - a really good friend all along
We took a 10-day roadtrip in my champagne-colored 1995 BMW 740i (oh, how I loved that car, but I digress). The road showed us some interesting sites. Memphis, Tennessee, to Toronto, Canada, to Niagra Falls, to NYC, then back home to South Florida. We saw kids doing flips in the road, we drove past a field on fire, not to mention we ran into some mean-looking Georgia Troopers outside the state penitentiary. That was the best roadtrip I ever went on, bar none. We found out that we are uncannily alike and we can talk about absolutely anything without reservation or fear of judgement. We toyed with the idea of becoming a couple, but finally decided against it. We are way too much alike.

K - my love and baby daddy
We were laying around one evening and he says to me, "So, when are we gonna get married?" Without missing a beat I replied, "Next month" (meaning April). He thought the time was too short and I agreed so we decided on June instead. This June 24 will be four blissful, not-without-trials, years.


Notice no women? Yeah, me too. There were some, but I'll save them for another post.


ShellyP said...

I was reminded by Jose,

"Those troopers had big, scary shotguns and looked like they wanted to shoot some black people. The hotel room in Memphis was deplorable..can't think of any other word right now. It was the funnest road trip ever cross country."

Anonymous said...

it really nice to see that you have had many wonderful people in your life!

NeenaLove said...

as i read your blog... i'm like... OMG --> we think so much alike. LOL. i love your stories!!!