Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It's Time

Now is the best time to make a change. Insanity is constantly doing one thing but expecting different results each time. My life has been rolling along at this 'comfortable' pace for long enough.

  1. I have a friend who wants to write a book. I want to write a book too. Maybe a novel. Maybe a non-fiction introspection type of book. Maybe poetry. I'll either need a small notebook for jottings or a handheld tape recorder. If only I had a topic...There's nothing I can say I really know about. Hmm. Suggestions?

  2. If I really want to get Sid into modelling, I'll have to send out more pictures to various talent agencies.

  3. My room MUST be reorganized, cleared out, cleaned, whatever. Something has to be done. It is such a disaster area. The rest of the house can't be done til my sleeping space is complete.

  4. I need to work on ad copy for our supplement store website PLUS I want to redesign the main page. This will take a few hours out of my life, but it needs to be done asap.

  5. I need to invest in my own digital camera. Bogarting my mom's camera is not working. I want to be able to have an online garage sale on ebay. There's got to be someone who'll buy my junk, I mean stuff.

  6. My departmental report is due this weekend.

  7. Think positive thoughts!

Somewhere along the line my "things I need to change" list merged with a "todo" list. I'll have to modify / append to it later.


hybe said...


You so won't believe this, but a lot of your list sounds exactly like the things I've had on my "mental" list for a while now. For real...Ask any of my friends *LOL.* And the modeling thing, well, my son has done quite a bit of things for "Mickey Mouse." I even had an agency that wanted him really bad, but they were closer to you (South Florida) and I didn't want to commit to traveling back and forth at any given moment (esp. with my oldest in school). Do I regret it. Now I do because my DH is the principal at the school she attends this year and I didn't resubmit his photos and make another attempt. Now, he'll go to 'K' this school year. In actuality it doesn't matter; maybe I was led to your post for a reason this morning. If you want to do many of those things, by all means take it to God in prayer. I always say, "He brought you to it (in the Spirit), he'll bring you through it."

God bless. Oh, thanks for "Blog rolling" a sister. I had already done you a long time before I had my current blog (just on my 'puter favorites). Glad to know that there is another out here in this big state who's aspiring for some of the same dreams. It's enough out here for all of us to be blessed. Just do it, girlie!

Anonymous said...

i find the calmer my sleeping space, the more restful i can be. is the supplement store running yet, or is the stuff you still need to do, part of the prep to 'open up shop'?

Jin said...

I'm totally feeling you on reorganizing your room -- mine is the same way. We only have one tiny closet in our bedroom, which I think is where the problem stems from.

But, geez, it's a mess.