Sunday, March 13, 2005

I went to a wedding yesterday...

And this is the dress I wore. The attire was supposed to be semi-casual, but how can you go to a wedding dressed semi-casually when the bride is all decked out? Of course, I wasn't the only woman to deviate from the mandate.

It was a nice wedding. The ceremony was held at a country club, at 5 pm in the evening. I was glad I brought my sunglasses cause that sun was bright and shining directly in my eyes. So we get to the spot and of course we have to first find our meal cards then sign...the book. You know, the dreaded guestbook where you have to write something nice and inspirational and considerate? Yeah, that one. I wrote something about the big day and wishing them the best, blah, blah, blah. We were then lead to a patio. There our guide showed us a ribbon and told us to follow it to the stairs leading down to the pool. What? Follow a ribbon? Fortunately it wasn't far. From there it did get better. There were golf carts waiting to take us to our seats. Yes, the bride showed up in a golf cart too. The hardest part about it was trying to stand on soft ground that thought my heels were tees, so they kept sinking in and coming out muddy. The ceremony itself was short and sweet. We returned to the pool for appetizers: lamb, spinach pastries, and chicken pastries. By then it was getting cool so we went inside before the festivities began. The food selection included snapper, filet mignon, and a vegetarian dish. I had the fish. Eh, it was ok. Fish, rice, and asparagus.

A note about our table: man, it took some time before they warmed up. For a while there K and I were kind of despondent cause our table was the deadest. K, with his love for conversation, got the others to loosen up. The table company turned out to be fun enough. I ran into a mutual friend of mine and the bride's. Her and her mother really helped to liven things up.

By 10 pm were ready to go. We still had two kids to pick up before heading home, and we were yawning all the way. It's tough when you're not used to going out, but it was still a nice kid-less evening out. And that, in itself, was cause for celebration.


Anonymous said...

sexy mama!

wow - i'd think with all the sleep you're already used to not getting, that that'd be a piece of cake. but i guess it's all relative? meaning, specific to what you're doing. so you guys just need to do it more often!

hybe said...

Really nice dress there. I hope all eyes were still able to witness the bride. Nice blog you have, neighbor ;). I'm a Floridian too. I've been reading you and you always seem to jog my memory of the "good old days."


Jin said...

Love the dress!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Nice place you have here :)

Dee said...

thanks for coming to see me..
I always have to break the ice at the tables I sit at at weddings...I should just be hired as the "ice-breaker"