Monday, April 03, 2006

A Grand Lux Cafe opened up nearby. It's a sister restaurant to the Cheesecake Factory. Amazing menu. I picked up something there for dinner last Thursday but I wasn't too impressed. I usually love chicken pot pie but this one had way too much butter. The creme brulee on the other hand was excellent. Hubby said it was too eggy but whatever. So anyway, we decided to try going there for breakfast one day. One day ended up being this past Sunday. We had brioche french toast, perfectly fluffed pancakes, an omelette and hot chocolate. Again, I was less than impressed. My favorites were the pancakes and hot chocolate. As we were eating these huge portions of food I got to thinking about how excessive we are in this country. So much goes to waste unnecessarily. We have a culture of greed and that carries over into everything we do. When I visit other countries it's not this way - it appears that people live to live, as opposed to living to exceed like we do here. Maybe I'm just oversensitive seeing that I live in superficial South Florida.


I really enjoy the benefits of being pregnant. It's nice to be catered to, to not be expected to do anything. At church the ladies are always finding young men to carry my load for me. When I go somewhere I'm always offered a seat. People's expectations of me are lowered, and that's nice sometimes. I can eat as much as I want without being harassed. I'm expected to rest a lot. No one wants to be the one to stress me out. Even with my cute belly hubby still has a healthy appetite. Not to mention my breasts are swelling. Hubby keeps looking at me and making comments. I told him that since he likes them so much maybe I should get something done. He just laughed. He didn't say no though. Hmph. I know I'm biased towards this whole pregnancy thing because I haven't had any real complaints. Not the first time around and so far not this time around *knock on wood*.


Having a 15 year old stepson without common sense and not having many female friends for various reasons made me think (again) about our mental capacities when we're born. If some people have a knack for mathematics and others the arts, who's to say people aren't born with a natural inclination towards logic or otherwise? (Try to follow me here. I'm beginning to confuse myself even though it made sense in my head.) I'm trying to understand why some people just don't have sense. Or why some people are "ditzy." Why does someone become a genius? If you watch the wannabe models on ANTM, for example, even as they're all taught the same thing they don't all have the skill and talent and brains to make proper use of the knowledge. And no matter how much you teach, skill and practice can only get you so far. How do you teach someone to have innate ability? You can't. So, with that said, how much can we really expect from the less logical of us? Why even bother getting upset with them? I know, their inability to make intelligent decisions cannot and should not prevent them from reaping what they sow. I know we still have to try to teach in hopes that at least one person will "get it." We can't give up. I'm just sayin' it gets tiresome.


chele said...

Awwwwww -- you sound so cute pregnant. I remember when I was carrying my daughter not only did my husband's appetite increase but so did mine. It was crazy. I didn't think I was cute at all during that time.

Regarding the folks with no common sense ... I know it's tiresome but you're right we can't give up. I believe everyone is teachable. It may take a little longer but if we don't expect the very best from folks than they won't produce their very best.

Shawn said...

now you know Grand Lux Cafe is my spot. "ain't nobody betta talk about grand lux." I love the mashed yams and the pork tenderloin <---pre-vegetarian conversion of course. The desserts are good. Order the chocolate chip cookies, the banana creme pie thingy, and the caramel cheesecake.

I have no patience for those with no common sense. By the way, I followed your logic just fine.

The Gig said...

What a nice post. I bet you are cute pregnant. Glad to know things are going well with the pregnancy. I will keep you in my prayers.