Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's Been A Week

I don't have any excuse for not posting, I just haven't. But I heard from a couple of people today (in particular Mocha Girl and BdaB) who indirectly motivated me to get up and say something.

My next ultrasound isn't for another four weeks (if I can ever get an appt). I've unsuccessfully tried three times to make an appt but each time "the computers just went down." Should I be looking for another doctor??

'Everyone' says I'm having a girl this time but what do they know? I've come to grips with the fact that I'm partial to boys. Maybe having a girl will be good for me. (As soon as I know the gender, you'll know the gender.)

The deadline to file taxes is upon us and I have a couple of things left to input. Usually I take care of the taxes. This year is hubby's turn. I'm taking a break. He just tells me what he thinks he needs, I tell him what he does need, and somehow one of us finds it.

Work is uneventful. I've been reading up on AJAX and DOM and Javascript. It should be more interesting to me than it is. I'm not really feeling any work right now. If I wasn't trying to save my time for after the baby is born I would take a week off. BUT, Mocha may be coming down sooner than expected. If she does, I'll finally get to meet her!

American Idol? Not much to say here. Gotta wait and see who gets kicked off this week.

ANTM? I felt sorry for Mollie Sue. She doesn't come off like a model but she's really pretty even without trying. Tonight I'm guessing Brooke or Leslie will go.


SP said...

Not Leslie! I like her. I'm thinking Brooke is out.

I miss BdaB too! Every time I see Sid, I wonder how his Babies are. Ben? You there?

I want it to be a girl! That would be so nice. Then you'd have two of each.

The Gig said...

1) Yes, pray first and then get another doctor--go to whereever the Lord leads you.

2) I can relate to you being partial to boys; I had four of them and I believe them to be much easier. You see I have five granddaughters, and girl's are high maintenance. Sorry ladies, but by experience, it's true.

3) Wait a minute! am I missing something here or maybe I haven't been paying much attention when I've read your posts. I thought Sidney was your only child. Do you have three others?

Last but not least: Playing with the kids can be quite fulfilling, both for you and for the kids.

Aziza said...

Yup. The ANTM show let Leslie go for no good reason. All of the girls messed up or could have done a little bit better. But I cut them some slack, because they're not professionals yet. They're in training. But I really hate to see folks cut from the show. Oh well. Leslie will probably become a professional model anyway just based on her exposure on the show.

As for the baby, it probably will be a girl. That means pretty dresses and pretty little bows and barrettes for her hair. *smile*

Anonymous said...

you think you're bad with the posting? ha! i had so wanted you to have a girl the first time - but i couldn't imagine sid not being a boy! whichever you end up having will be blessed! (but a little girl would even things out! ;-)