Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hubby's girl, Nnenna, is gone. Too bad. She started off strong but she not only did she NOT improve, she didn't even remain as good as she was. I think Danielle and Joanie will be the top two. Joanie takes some amazing pictures and is very versatile (to use Jade's word). Danielle is consistenly beautiful but not as versatile - her look is usually the same - statuesque, regal.


Jdid said...

danielle and furonda baby!

i was actually glad to see nnena go. her whole boyfriend issue got old quick as did her excuses for not producing good pictures the last three sessions. tall white girl, no idea what her name is, is next to go. i just dont see joanie as a top model though.

everyone disses furonda but hey she's got a rail thin hanger like model body and thats what the runway guys use alot of. she could go far

Aziza said...

Although Nnenna was booted off the show this week, I believe that she will become a model in the real world anyway. She just has the right attitude unlike Jade. Jade has great potential if only she could tame her mouth and attitude. Danielle and Joanie are pretty good too.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a show on the E! cable channel highlighting what the ANTM winners from previous seasons are doing. Some are doing pretty well, while the first season's winner (I think recall) had some harsh words for Tyra for not doing enough for her career. Tyra gave that girl exposure, which is more than enough and is saying a lot. Every week, I can't get over how over the top Miss J is. He's too funny.

Aziza said...

Oh, and by the way, the pictures of you and your son are so adorable.

SP said...

I liked Nnenna.