Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Singing Bug

One of the things that bothers me is when I take the time to write out meeting notes or technical explanations and make sure to send them to everyone involved only to have people ask me questions a few days later. I don't mean questions for clarification or content correction, but questions that are answered in the material I sent out. If you need information I send you, why not read it first before asking me any questions? If not then it defeats the purpose of disseminating the information in the first place! How frustrating. And when I refer the person back to the email I sent I'm almost made to feel like I shouldn't be, that I should be fine with repeating myself.


Riding to work this morning I couldn't get Ding, dong, ding, bellll! Ring it! out of my head.


Yesterday I found myself reflecting a bit on my past and any regrets I may have had or wondering how things would have been different had I opted to go any of various other routes.


(Modified from Chele's Version) 6 Not-So-Wacky Things About Me
  1. I am a nervous wreck if I have to do anything in front of a group of people, yet I forced myself to take Drama I back in high school. I survived even though the final required us to perform solo. The class has NOT helped me in life.

  2. I don't have a problem with my man watching pornos as long as he doesn't try to hide it. (Not saying he does or doesn't, of course.)

  3. I was engaged for two years to a man I didn't love.

  4. I used to say I wanted to have children without going through the pain of childbirth. In other words, I wanted to have C-sections.

  5. I used to want to be a judge without having to be a lawyer first. Now I know I'd rather be a lawyer because I love to argue (no smart comments BDaB), although I don't know how that would work considering #1 above.

  6. Another one of my pet peeves (besides needlessly having to repeat myself to lazy people or those without adequate reading skills) is people who drag their feet when they walk.


chele said...

I know what you mean about having to repeat yourself ... I post information on the central network, on the office intranet and on a whiteboard behind my desk ... you know these folks still come up to me and ask me stupid questions. Aaaaaarrrrrrgh!! Just and point and click, daggone it!

I agree about the porno thing ... B has absolutely no problem watching them ... even if I'm in the room. Was that TMI?

Mocha_Grl said...

Arrgh! I find that extremely frustrating as well! Especially since you go through all the effort of anticipating their questions and providing them with the info!

Love your 6 not so wacky things. Engaged for 2 years to a man you didn't love? Did you know that you didn't love him? Or did you think you did, and realized when you met hubby that it wasn't love?

Anonymous said...

I hate that too. Whenever ever i get emails/info on something, i try my best to really read all the info there - making sure before i ask a question. It's like really listening, most of us don't really listen to people when they talk to us.

i take it that's a kid song? lol.

SP said...

Don't feel bad about not repeating yourself. It's not your fault they don't pay attention. You've already done what you needed to do. I'm at the point now where I just tell them I don't have time to explain it again and they seem to work it out.

"Ding, dong, ding, bellll! Ring it!" - Ummm, huh?

The Gig said...

What usually gets me is when people don't read the church bulletin or any other piece of material, or they don't pay attention to announcements and then later on come back and say, "I didn't know we were going to do that."

Shawn said...

I used to want to be a judge without being a lawyer too...hey...you still stuff from my head?