Friday, April 21, 2006

I know I'm late. I've been stalking her for months now and only recently started commenting. I check her blog at least once a day, sometimes twice. I know you all read her already. I know I'm the last one to add her to my blogroll. It's Nikki, y'all!


Pregnancy is fine so far. The headaches have subsided quite a bit. Pretty uneventful otherwise. No throwing up (although I did have to run to the bathroom once in the middle of eating an egg on cheese bagel for breakfast). Been feeling kind of gluttonous lately. Just had a 6" turkey sub for lunch, a bowl of fruit sort of for dessert, and believe me I still want to eat my yogurt! Anyway, I think I'm beginning to feel the baby moving inside me now. Pretty cool. I love being pregnant.


ANTM - I was surprised Jade was in the bottom two because of her fakeness. I thought it was going to be Sara. Brooke, of course, I knew had to go. She claims she's not a crybaby yet she's always teary-eyed. Whatever. Maybe Sara will go next week. How do they really expect her to be passionate? They went to her not the other way around. Oh, and Nnenna needs to leave her man. She is obviously not feeling him anymore.


chele said...

Isn't Nikki great? Glad you found her.

Ah yes, pregnancy. There were parts of it that I just loooooved. I'm glad yours is going so well.

ANTM? I want Jade GONE!

SP said...

I am loving Nikki's blog. I read it all the time because you pointed it out to me before. She is a great writer.

You aren't gluttonous. You are eating for two now.

Sadly to say, Jade will probably be there for a long time just for the drama factor.

Mocha_Grl said...

Love Nikki's blog! I usually check her out twice a day

Glad to here the pregnancy is going well! I can't even imagine what it must feel like to have someone moving inside you...

What I wanna know is how is Nnenna lying to her man about what happened with the kiss? I mean she knows the show is on a national tv right? lol

Ddot the King said...

Huge fan of Nikki's blog! I hope the pregnancy continues to go smoothly.