Thursday, December 29, 2005

Smart kid, complete lack of judgement!


Ended up spending yesterday at a funeral. Hubby and I had to videotape the service for the family. We got there at 10 cause that's when we were told it would start. Didn't find out til 11:15(!) that it wasn't starting til noon. So, I could have slept in. I could have eaten breakfast. And to top it off, it didn't end til 3:00 pm. By the time we got home we were ready for a nap. That was it. My day was shot. I didn't wake up til 7 something. Anyway, today was better. Went to the mall not looking for anything in particular. Heard from B da B. He's getting used to the idea of not having to show up for work anymore. (Of course, the only down side is not being able to spend 6 hrs a day with me.)

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