Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Shelly needs" Take II

I decided to play Pro's game for the heck of it. What I found was pretty interesting. Apparently the world of Google says:
* Shelly needs a vacation too!
* Shelly NEEDS to find you
* Shelly needs to hear it and get her washboard goin
* Shelly needs name help too
* Shelly needs a date for her upcoming session
* Shelly needs you
* Shelly needs an avatar
* Shelly needs to get a job
* Shelly needs to try to be interested in someone her own age


Jenny said...

hey my sister played that game. She heard about it on the radio, and she got really crazy and funny responses!! Everyone just needs to have a good laugh sometime lol!!

Have a good day, take care!!

Stunner said...

Stunner so many things!!!!