Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's Over...for now

Edit: About being Janet - unfortunately, she was not one of the possible results. But funny thing that Brotha Buck mentioned here because when I was a lot younger, people used to tell me that I looked like her when she was younger. Definitely a woman I wouldn't mind being like in so many ways: talented, gorgeous, rich, 6-pack (at least, she used to have one)....

Yeah, you know I was at the dentist this evening. It wasn't pretty but she numbed me up pretty good, so good in fact that my nose was tingling. She said the cavity was pretty deep. Unfortunately this cavity re-fill is only delaying the inevitable, dreaded ROOT CANAL. Mmm, great. What could be more fun and painless than that? Did I mention that I hate going to the dentist?


Don’t be fooled by this innocent-looking girly, ‘cause inside, there’s a tough woman who knows what she wants.  You are a sweet girl who is down for her friends, but will also s
MYA: Dont be fooled by this innocent-looking
girly, cause inside, there's a tough woman who
knows what she wants. You are a sweet girl who
is down for her friends and will also stand up
for them when needed. Your unique sense of
style shows how much you value your
individuality, only comin' out with clothes
that make you, not define you. Who can't resist
a spicy, yet sweet chica like you? Girl, you've
definitely got it goin on.

Which female R&B artist are you?
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Stunner said...

Seems everyone is heading to the dentist. I need to set an appointment for this month. Hope your experience at the dentist won't be so bad.

Proactiff said...

Why didn't I get an interesting artist? I think I may be in for some dental work soon. I'll keep you posted. I've resorted in re-purchasing toothpaste for sensitive teeth. When I brush it hurts really bad in one area. And to think I've been on a Now-n-Later binge of late.

princessdominique said...

I hate the dentist too and that's interesting that you're Mya. Unique!

Aziza said...

I hope that your tooth is feeling better. I hate going to the dentist too. But I tell them I'm sort of scared upfront so that they will know how to treat me.

Brotha Buck said...

Shelly, for some reason, I pictured you more as a Janet Jackson.

Proactiff said...

On "Janet" - I heard she had ribs removed to obtain said six-pack/abs. The cosmetic apple don't fall far from the family, eh?