Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's My Blog and I'll Cry If I Want To

What were you saying, Ben, about having the last word? All I want to know is, what about me? As I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself, even my selfish tears pitied me. Who will I have to smile at when I walk in in the mornings? Who will tell me I look cute? Who will interpret the boss-speak after meetings? What will I do during lunch? I can't swing at the park with just anyone. I won't have anyone to relate to with repsect to being a Christian in a totally non-Christian environment, or being of Caribbean descent, or being black and up-and-coming.

I could write a tribute to black men based on you, your love for your family, your faith, your courage. Your son has a great role-model in you. Your daughter will see in you how she deserves to be treated.

  • Remember that time I got on your nerves?

  • Remember the many times you got on mine?

  • Remember the funny meat at the Black Orchid?

  • Remember DS before he had kids?

  • Remember Eduardo de San Angel and Cafe Martorano's?

  • Remember when people couldn't understand why we always had lunch together?

  • Remember when K called and asked you for your pediatrician?

  • Slugging.

  • Remember the pep talks and the cooling down walks.

I'm happy and excited for you, you know that. At the same time how can anyone understand? I feel like I'm losing my best friend.

I can't smush our friendship into one post, or even two, but I can put my feelings into three words: I love you.


Stunner said...


SP said...

Awww... You tryin to make me cry?

Aziza said...

ShellyP, you and SP are going to make me cry. I know exactly what you mean. A close co-worker of mine and her husband moved away last year. It left a void on my job. We used to chat about the office, clothes, cute shoes, men, church, and God. It's rare when you get really sincere, intelligent and very decent people to grace us with their presence. And when they leave, we really miss them.

princessdominique said...

That was truly moving!

NeenaLove said...

awwwwwwww..... i feel a post like that coming on, for me.

**gettin' out my tissues**