Sunday, December 25, 2005

Food & Fun

B da B and his wife took me and hubby and SP out for dinner. It was a nice treat. We deliberated over where to go but on Christmas Eve the options were limited. So, as I suspected, we ended up at Longhorn Steakhouse. The food was alright. I wasn't as hungry as I would have liked but the outting wasn't about the food anyway, it was about the company. We agreed to meet at 7:00 pm (I skidded in at 6:59 pm). We got a corner table where our server, Blake, tended to us. A few tables over Miami Dolphins star Chris Chambers was chowing down (I am such a wannabe). Anyway, we ordered virgin drinks and appetizers. We talked and laughed as usual. We really enjoy each others' company. SP was unusually quiet. I chalked it up to her long day at the Dolphins game. Hubby and B da B's wife got to talking about the good old days back in Jamaica. They reminisced for hours. Their stories were hilarious. Lack of electricity, beatings at school, sharing cramped quarters were some of the topics. Longhorn closed early (9:00 pm) but we stood outside for two more hours just talking and laughing. I would have stayed there longer but by 11 my calves were really starting to ache. I was the only one wearing heels (hubby and I had come straight from church). When we left I called my mother and found that Sid was still awake and he wanted to go home. So we went and got him. He was asleep before we reached our house.

I can't wait for Monday when Ben brings his kids over. I'll have my camera ready to capture as many moments as I can. I won't cry. We're not being separated by death but merely distance. I can drive to Jax and make myself at home anytime. Plus, I KNOW they'll be getting a webcam.


Stunner said...

Keep enjoying yourself and the holidays.

Brotha Buck said...

Longhorn, is that the place with the crunched up peanuts? MmMmm, I love that place. Especially the baked yam potato.

SP said...

I was tired from the game, but mostly, I was just enjoying the company. Plus, those "When we didn't have power and took baths in the tub in the yard" stories kept me very entertained!