Monday, December 05, 2005

I had an interesting morning

This morning I was scheduled to show up at the courthouse and await jury assignment to a trial. I was supposed to be there by 8 am (that's what the summons said, the first notice said 7:45 am). So I had to wake up early, early, early. I'm talking 6:20 am early. Normally I roll out of bed between 7:15 and 7:30. To get up an hour earlier after going to bed at my normal time of midnight is not an easy feat. Well, somehow I managed. Sidney didn't so well. He barely had his eyes open while I brushed his teeth. When I brought him downstairs to make his porridge he just laid himself out on the couch and went back to sleep. I got him to school by 7:30. On the way to the courthouse (a 15 min drive) I watched a man get off his bicycle and start a fight with another man who had walked past him. Further down the road I passed a man doing what I thought was talking to pigeon but turned out he was talking to himself; he was even gesturing. As I neared courthouse I called my husband to talk me through the rest of the way. I didn't want to get lost so he lovingly obliged. Having served on two juries he knew the area well. However things could never be that simple. They switched things up a bit at the garage since he had been there and I all but freaked out trying to figure out what entrance I was supposed to use and how I was expected to get there. LOL. I made it to a parking spot on the fourth floor and as I reached the walkway on the third floor there was the end of juror line. People were lined up the distance of four lanes of traffic waiting to go through security. So, I wasn't late after all. The young lady in line in front of me was "Paris Hilton." She was tall, slim, and had long blond hair. Her accessories were top notch - Dior sunglasses, Dolce & Gabana bag, tennis bracelet, expensive clothing. I noticed that she even had marked off "don't wanna be compensated for my jury time" on her check-in slip (not that I was being nosey or anything). She wasn't talkative though so I found myself merely looking her over from behind and watching employees walk past. I thought to myself that she really is a rich girl, not just a wanna-be. She even walked differently so for laughs I tried to emulate her. I thought it was hilarious. Hopefully noone else noticed! Ok, so I pass through security with a "Zone 6" and I have my ankles(?!) swiped by some guy in a uniform who of course finds nothing. By the time I sat down in the orientation room it was 8:30 am and things were just getting started. The lady told us how things would go and what to expect. After our first break she came back and told us that they had an overage of jurors which meant that some of us would have the option to leave and still be considered as having served. The only catch is that if you opt to leave you have to go to work (if you had a job) cause the court wouldn't back you up if you got fired for skipping. Anyway, a computer supposedly randomly picked juror IDs and mine was the about the fifth ID to be called. I had been talking with the gentleman who sat next to me but when they called my number I jumped up so fast and said "leaving" (we were allowed to say "staying" or "leaving") and everyone nearby laughed. Before I even made it out of the building I was calling hubby to tell him the news. That's it. End of my non-story.

It would have been interesting to actually sit in a courtroom.

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Anonymous said...

oh ya - i would've jumped up mighty fast too! i've been in a couple of court rooms - not all that impressive. (but then again, that's probably cause they were for the 'small timers'.