Monday, October 17, 2005

Pour Some for the Lost

I have this thing about eating in my car - I love to do it. If it's a nice day I'll park in the shade, roll the windows down, recline the seat after turning on some music and eat my lunch. It doesn't matter if I'm alone or not. Usually it's just Sean Paul and I chilling - me eating, him singing. Those are good times. These times were more frequent before my job changed locations. Today, however, I had the luxury to indulge, but dang it if I didn't lose a black bean!


A while back I introduced you to Steve. I don't know why I thought about him today, but I did. I said I would have loved him, but I believe I always have. That's not to say I would forego life as I know it to be with him, but it's the kind of love you have for someone who is close to your heart - not necessarily an erotic love. The last time I saw him I was in Toronto for a short period of time visiting my sick grandmother. I managed to track him down and he came by to see me. I bought grapes and strawberries for us to snack on. We sat in my grandmother's living room and talked and ate. He was pleasantly surprised that I prepared anything at all. Then he had to leave. We walked and talked and talked some more. What a sight we were standing on the sidewalk across the street from the subway station - me in my "I'm too cute Shirley Temple curls and semi-sophisticated outfit" and him in his rude boy gear - we looked like opposites. I didn't care. Just before he left we kissed for the first and last time, but dang it if I didn't wish we could stand there kissing forever!


I found these on Manolo's Shoe Blog - they are so amazing! I have a problem with my calves being too skinny to fit into ANY boots I find. I did a search a couple of years ago and finally found the perfect leather boots made to fit, but dang it if I didn't lose the website!


Love Suggestion: Go home and play in your loved one's hair today for at least 10 minutes. (You nasty people - I meant the hair on the top of his or her head!)


NeenaLove said...

first loves. first kisses. first everythings are always so sentimental.

my problem with boots... is opposite of yours. LOL... i can't fit my calves into anything decent looking. nothing as pretty as them boots on the manolo blog. **heavy sigh**

SP said...

Would that be my Sean Paul CD that you borrowed months ago?

Cute boots, but I'm with Neenalove, totally opposite problem from you! That's why I always get shorter boots.

benthebald said...

I remember those days of eating in the car with you. It was cool eating then reclining back and shooting the breeze. You always were a messy eater. At you only lost one bean - or are you fibbing?

Anonymous said...

hmm... i didn't realise you were that into Steve. or maybe i just don't remember.

those boot's are sweet! and i, like neena love and sp have the same, "my calves are too big to fit any tall boots" problem.

Lily said...

No matter how hard you try, you can never forget your first love.