Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ceramic Iron

My sister recently purchased a ceramic iron. When I called her up and asked her how she liked it she told me that she loved it. So, being the product junkie that I am I went out and bought one ($70). I currently have the old style metal flat iron that you put into a ceramic oven. I burned myself and my hair a few times with that one. The ceramic one is electric and has multiple settings. So far I love it. Although I read reviews on the particular model that I bought and it got low marks for reliability. I'll be returning it this week and buying a better model ($127)...eventually. In the meantime it has worked wonders in my hair. My hair is now pretty much how I've always it to be. There has usually always been a trade-off: stick-straight permed hair that's easily damage and has to be roller-set and re-permed every few months, or natural thick frizzy curls that can't be worn loose, or flat-ironed straight and frizzy and dry and damaged. Now, it's none of those. It's soft, not sticky (I only use one heat-protectant product on it and that's it), smooth, thick, straight, full, and healthy. I've gotten many requests from girlfriends who want to come over and have me try the iron in their hair. I just smile.

You've seen the front. Here's the back.


SP said...

I'm coming over so that you can do mine just as soon as this release is out. And I'm not cutting it first!


WIP said...

Your hair is gorgeous. As if you don't already know this. How's it going? Long time no read from you *wink*.

benthebald said...

Do you think it can work for me? Be honest.