Monday, October 03, 2005

I played hookie today

I took the day off from work. I guess you can tell by the post title. *shrug* There's something to be said for not being at work when you're supposed to be. It's different than a holiday or a hurricane day. I spent the day with my boo. We hung out, ran errands, picked up Sid early from daycare. It was nice. And now I have a short work week to look forward to. Plus, hopefully I'll be in Jacksonville on Thursday signing the closing papers on one of our properties that we're selling. Then we only have one other to get rid of. I tell you, tenants can be a pain in the behind. Why people feel they have the right to live for free while you have to fight to keep your property is beyond me. These people in our other property are driving me crazy. They're preventing potential buyers from even looking at the house and besides paying the mortgage every month I have to pay to evict them! It's not like I'm rolling in dough. Even if I was, other people's children are not my responsibility!


Anonymous said...

ooooh - playing hookie sounds nice!

wow - i can't imagine being a tenant and not paying up. that's just wrong.

The Gig said...

Hi Shelly -- I think it's great that you had a nice day off. I can imagine how stressful it is when you have a nice place for someone to rent, pay money to keep it up and people do not take care of it. I have noticed that people do not take care of other people's properties but when they get their own, it's a different story. Hang in there lady.

SP said...

You needed and deserved that day off. I'm glad you got it.


Brotha Buck said...

ShellyP, I made every last one of your suggested corrections. Thanks again!