Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Second Day of the New Year

I must say, this new year has gotten off to a pretty good start. Friday evening I spent at church with my immediate, extended, and extended-extended family. We listened as people gave thanks for the blessings of the past year and as the sun set we welcomed in the new year (as the Bible says the evening and the morning were the first day).

I didn't have any intentions of staying up til midnight but it just so happened that I did. The kids were asleep and my husband was in front of the computer. Then came the fireworks and our oldest son come in to tell us happy new year, to which we responded in kind and he went back to bed. I tried to wake up Sidney to see some fireworks but he did not care one bit.

Sabbath we spent at church singing praises. I was supposed to sing with the choir but by the time I finished my usual running around the choir was ready to walk up and I didn't even have my robe on. So, I ran the video camera. For lunch we went to my husband's aunt's house (again). In the afternoon, Pastor had planned to appreciate the elders. Of course, that meant that each department head was to appreciate their supervisory elders. The first department called was Sabbath School - The head super is out of town for a couple of weeks. I didn't see any other supers make a move to get up so, as the head secretary, yours truly had to take the mic and improvise. I'm glad I didn't have time to think or I would have worked myself up with nervousness. Not even ten minutes after I came down Pastor called me up again for the Communication department. That one was easy. I love that department and I really like the people I work with (and that's what I told the congregation). I especially thanked our elders for the patience and encoureagement and support. This program caught me unawares so I didn't have any tokens to give them. We'll have to do something for them (and for us) later on. There's only six months left in the church year.

Anyway, Happy New Year! Hope you (and I) realize our dreams!

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