Sunday, January 09, 2005


Remember said skateboard I mentioned in my previous post? The one that was bought for the 14 yr old boy? Yeah, that one. When my husband and I were picking it out at Walmart the pickings were very slim. There was the cheap (sorry, I mean inexspensive) one that didn't have a logo or even a plastic cover. I was all for buying that one but my husband looked at the wheels and said the board wasn't good enough. Fine. The highest end board they had was almost $40! It was supposedly a racing skateboard with some famous guy's theme all over it. Of course, that wasn't going to be the one either. That left the $20 boards. (Why I'm spending so much time on this you'll find out later.) The themes were Sponge Bob, Star Wars, and The Hulk. I told my husband we should get the Star Wars one because it was unisex so I could ride it too. He said he preferred The Hulk since it was more 'manly'. Ok, whatever. So, we got The Hulk.

The same night I raced the boy we gave him the skateboard. The ingrate (my husband's word) acted like we were crazy to buy it and basically he wouldn't ride it. It wasn't said as harshly as it reads, that's just my summary. Anyway, the boy found himself standing on it later on in the evening. Sidney on the other hand kept pushing it around the kitchen and living room, banging it into walls, leaving dents, etc. My husband had enough of the denting so he put the board in the garage.

Fastforward to today. It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the sun is out, and I decide I want to try my hand at this skateboarding thing. This was my first time ever really trying to ride one. Sidney followed me out the door and away we went. You know he wanted a turn. I obliged him and we would take turns. I put him on and then pushed him to the other side of the cul-de-sac. Then I told him it was my turn and I would get on. We went on like this for at least half an hour (in the hot sun with no hats on, mind you). I went from not even being able to get both feet off the ground to being able to push off and keep both feet on the board for five seconds. Not bad. When I got back into the house I was beat. I proceeded to sleep for an hour (then I had a church board meeting). Poor Sidney played around and when he found he couldn't wake me up he fell asleep next to me. That was sweet.

The moral of the story is, go with your first instinct and don't let anyone, esp. your significant other, dissuade you otherwise. I KNEW I should have gotten the Star Wars skateboard! :p

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