Wednesday, December 29, 2004


We've been living here in our 'new' house since June 2003 and we're still working on the decorating. We had a painting party once and we got through painting the living room and some of the kitchen. Now I want to change the colors. Right now some walls are half yellowish cream and others are sort of a light brick red. My husband is leaning towards a tan or brownish color. It doesn't matter to me anymore I just want it changed. We have some oversized couches that are a dark red and there's a rug under the coffee table (we don't drink coffee) that has gold, dark red, dark green, and brown in it. The tiles are stone-like and have faded pink / grey / blue colors in it. A girlfriend of mine does interior design as a hobby and her place looks great, but we can't afford to hire her just yet. Another girlfriend of mine (read: purfiktgurl) should be helping but she lives too far. This is our brokest christmas season ever so whatever I do to spice up the place has to be cheap (okay, inexspensive). At the home show a couple months ago I bought six little bamboo shoot trees and put them in the kitchen above the cabinets. In between them I put one piece of something (a decorative kettle, a wire candle-holder in the form of a girl holding two candles, and some others things I can't remember). I have two pictures that a friend of mine in Jamaica bought for me that I want to put so I bought some picture hanging nails. But, I can't put up the pictures til we decide what we want to do with the walls in the kitchen. We've been looking for a wallpaper border to put around the top but haven't seen any we like. We may have to settle for painting all the way to the ceiling but who's willing to go up there?

I feel restless like I'm not getting anything done. Our businesses feel like they're extremely slow to start, I'm moving like a snail at work, and I'm dissatisfied with my home surroundings.

We keep dumping money into our businesses and we haven't seen dime one of a return yet - the properties in Jacksonville are still sucking us dry even though one of them has tenants, we bought two cars from an auction neither of which are completely fixed and can't be sold anyway until my husband gets his car dealership license, our online stores are not online yet (nowhere near it).

Hardly anyone is at work so it's pretty quiet. I have work to do but no unction to get it done. I know next week the burners will be on high because we have a deadline to meet and that should be motivation enough...but it's not.

I already complained about my house. Everytime I clean one area and move on to the next, the first one is messed up again. How aggravating.

I know it sounds like I'm dumping, but I'm not really because there's so much more good in my life than not.

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