Friday, January 28, 2005

Dinner and Dancing

I'm going to write about work. I know, I shouldn't, but I will. I won't get dooced for what I'm about to write...

Maybe you've heard me before talking about how much I love working where I am. It's not as good as it's been in previous years, but compared to what I hear about what it's really like out there, I can't complain. The benefits are pretty good, the work can leave something to be desired, but the people are really, really cool to work with. Last week we went out and the time we had together reinforced that last point.

Last Thursday some out-of-towners for the company came in town so we went out for dinner. Spouses were not invited but who am I to turn down a free dinner just because my babies are at home hungry? :) Anyway, we also took advantage of the opportunity to say goodbye to one of our peers who is doing the honorable thing by deciding to be at stay-at-home mom. (Might I add, I'm really glad for her that she can do this. I am in no way jealous that I have to have to come to work every day for at least eight hours while other women raise my son.) In total, 13 of us showed up to dinner. The restaurant was Eduardo de San Angel. Now, we've been to some great places for dinner. Usually when visiting employings come in town we try to find a top-rated restaurant to entertain them. I tell you, last Thursday was not different. I was a bit skeptical at first because the restaurant decription says gourmet Mexican. I like Mexican, but what is gourmet Mexican? I tried my best to go with an open mind. Another co-worker of mine picked me up and off we went in our Sunday second-best. (Oh, I looked cute, you can ask him. My husband even looked at me twice. One thing that added to that was my hair which has been getter since I started using the cholesterol conditioner and Proclaim daily hair and scalp conditioner.) On the way to Eduardo's we reminisced about the last time we went out on a work function. The place was Cafe Martorano's. Spouses were invited that time so it was even better. The food was amazing (Italian) and the atmosphere was so live. The music, the people... Anyway, back to Eduardo's. From the outside you'd never know the secrets of this place. We went in and seemed like every other nice restaurant - dim lights, nice decor. We were lead to a semi-private room in the back where nine others were already seated. One of us hadn't rsvp'd so they had to make room at the table. That was alright, half the table moved down so we could sit. Of course, wine was ordered (by the end of the night they went through three bottles). We listened to the waiter (from Quebec) tell us about the specials. I got this chicken soup thing which was terrific. I couldn't get over the perfect balance of flavors. Others who had the soup were in agreement. For dinner I ordered chicken julienne in some kind of sauce atop a taco-like thing with pureed black beans underneath. It was soo good. Most others ordered the house special which was a petite filet mignon with goat cheese (supposedly you couldn't taste that). By the end of dinner everyone was raving about the food. Then, of course, came desert. Everywhere I go, I have to try the creme brulee. This one had mango in it. It was so awesome. Someone else ordered the cinnamon ice cream and he let us all taste it. It tasted exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal except it was ice cream. Soo good. During dinner there were a few lags in conversation but nothing uncomfortable. Unlike Cafe Martorano's, there was no loud music to hype us up, but it made it much easier to converse. So many conversations were going on. It was fun jumping in and out. The waiter was so attentive (as I would expect considering the tip he knew he was gonna get) and knowledgeable about the menu.

It's difficult to express how good this place was - the food and the people and the ambiance all combined to make a great dining experience. Yes, it was expensive for my pockets, but I'd go there again anyway. It was just that good. So, my co-worker date and I have a new favorite. If you visit Fort Lauderdale, this would not be a waste of your time.

No, there was no dancing...but there could've been.

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