Wednesday, January 12, 2005

His Day

So to finish telling you about the birthday...
I left work early to go home and be with my man. Even from the beginning though I knew we wouldn't get to have fun but that we would end up working. That's exactly what happened. We had (and still have) work to do on our startup businesses. It's tedious but somebodies have to do it. Fortunately for us his mother offered to cook him (us) dinner since we really can't afford the luxury of eating out right now. But, I tell you, the food could not have been better if we had eaten out. There was ox tail, curry chicken, fish, rice and peas, vegetables, and ginger beer to top it off. The food was really good. That meant not only did we not have to go out, but I didn't have to cook. I did do the dishes but it was the least I could have done.

You may be wondering what I did for my husband. Heard of delayed gratification? That's what he's going through right now because what I would love to be able to do for him I can't. The only thing he wants to do is start making money so our family can at least go back to the lifestyle we became accustomed to before he was laid of...almost a year ago.

At Sandy's site she did a tribute to her man. Not to be outdone, I too will let you know some of the things that make this guy so special to the next post. ;)

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