Tuesday, December 21, 2004

VitaMix etc.

Remember the VitaMix machine we bought? We have (read 'K' has) been using it. He's been experimenting. It's only been about a week and he's getting better. He made carrot soup a couple of times. He first try at ice cream didn't go so well. The fruit smoothies are alright. My favorite is the carrot soup.

My sister was down for the weekend. She's broke as usual. This time I'm broke too so I can't even help her. She still made out like a bandit though - our mother gave her her old computer, bought a new printer, and gave her her old digital camera, plus some food from her pantry. Her dad, well, we don't need to discuss him here because it wouldn't be pretty.

Not much going on at work. We're winding down for the holidays. I want to carry over what little vacation I have left so I'll be working just about every day except the federal holidays. Not cool. I can't wait til our businesses start to pick up and I can take a vacation anytime I want, with or without pay.

I've been wasting time thinking about how much time is spent wasting time thinking. It seems like it's a lot. I want to be the kind of person who makes decisions, not just one who analyzes every minute detail and then misses the window. I was reading lousywithvirginity and in one of her posts the author wrote, "paralysis by analysis is the opposite of being productive." I agree.

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