Monday, December 06, 2004

Aggravation via Good Intentions

This morning I woke up late. I'll admit, I was up til 2 am watching the movie, "The Librarian," but still. I set my alarm for about 7 am and of course I didn't actually turn it on. My loving husband didn't wake me either. He was up for an hour and he didn't wake me up - til 10 am! He has this thing about waking me up - he doesn't like to do it. He figures if I'm sleeping I'm tired so he lets me sleep. If I fall asleep earlier than normal in the evening he won't even wake me to brush my teeth or pray or anything. Me, on the other hand, I wake his behind up. And I always tell him to wake me. As a matter of fact I told him last night that I have two meetings at work today. He didn't remember. And I wouldn't expect him to, but if he would just wake me UP; that's all I ask.

The only good thing that came of the day is that I spent more money. Woo-hoo! Went to doctor (me and jr). That comes with a price tag of $20 for the co-pays, then signed up to have my company incorporated in Nevada. That price is more than I'm willing to admit in writing yet. Especially considering all of the other money I (we) have put out in the past three months.

I was looking through the mailers we got today and I had to save the Movado insert to show my husband. Too many pretty watches. Too much money.

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Anonymous said...

i have to admit - i laughed. but that is so horrible, but sweet at the same time. but annoying too. i'm laughing again - sorry. were the meetings terribly important? hope not.

and, what company?