Friday, December 03, 2004

Madama Butterfly

Finally ready for bed. Went to see my first opera tonight. Some co-workers decided they wanted to go and I figured what better opportunity. So, of course, I dragged along my husband. It's been a long, hectic day. Got up at 5:45 (am!), got to work by 7:00, got home about 5:30, rushed around and almost got locked out of the first scene of the show. It started at 8:00. We got there at 7:20 but we were so hungry we had to go find something to eat. We rushed the poor waitress, scarfed down our food and practically ran back to the center, up to the balcony via the elevator and into the darkening auditorium. We really just made it. Glad we went though. It would have been better if we had time to socialize beforehand, but the show itself was quite good. I've been to muscials before and this was similar. The difficult part was trying to read the english translation on the screen above performers and trying to watch the performers at the same time. Anyway, I'm off to bed now. G'night.

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notyouraverage.... said...

Sounds nice - except for the hectic day part :)
I'd like to do more of that kind of stuff. But it will have to be, in the New Year, hopefully. Right now i'm putting myself on a strict budget. (Technically, i'm currently debt free, if i were to cash in my RRSP + the $2000 i just got.) sorry for rambling.